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Dove pioneered the inclusion of ¼ moisturizer in a bar of skincare soap. Inspired by a real beauty that favors.

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In addition to moisturizing the surface of your skin, it offers deep nourishment for a much more beautiful, soft and smooth skin from the inside out.

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Dove Intensive Body Cream Description: ML Cream Packaging: Item: UPC: Dexeryl moisturizing cream for dry skin.

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Dove Nourishing Enriched Cream – Nourishing Body Care gives you 24 hours of intensive nutrition nourishing very dry skin helping to have.

Opinions and reviews of dove moisturizing cream to buy online –

Dove intensive nourishing care body lotion for very dry skin ml. Dove Intensive Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On 50ml, Jar Cream

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Sensitive skin reacts to certain elements such as the weather, exposure to the sun, showers with very hot water, the use of some soaps, gels or some creams, among others. It may also be that the cause of sensitive skin is due to genetic factors. Another of the fundamental ingredients of its composition is glycerin, which is a powerful moisturizing agent.

Formula: Hypoallergenic without parabens. Formula: Hypoallergenic without fragrances or parabens. Dove Pure and Sensitive Lotion: A moisturizing lotion that, thanks to its DeepCare Complex technology, deeply nourishes the superficial layers of the skin. Formula: Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and fragrance-free. Roll-on or aerosol deodorant: It also contains a quarter of moisturizing cream and does not irritate the skin. Formula: Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, colorant-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

The lotion because, although I don’t have very sensitive skin, it is true that my skin is quite dry and sometimes I feel itchy, so it’s great for me. And deodorant because whenever I shave my armpits, the skin in that area is very irritated and these types of products help calm the irritation.

As for the cleansing tablet, I use it only for the hands since for the face I usually use other products such as Micellar Water or Cleansing Mousse, which are the ones that best eliminate impurities in the type of skin I have.

Dove Nourishing Cream