Drawing Of A Mask

Invites IEEPO to the First Youth Graphic Art Contest

Receive your products on business days. CDMX shipments $ MXN, rest of the republic $ MXN. Kn95 face mask with drawings.

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Blue Orange and Yellow Hand Drawing Mathematicians Profile Poster. Hand Drawn Back to School Classroom Living Room Door Poster.

With drawings that promote the use of face masks and a healthy distance, students from Nuevo Laredo want to raise awareness among the population and.

Martín never imagined having to adapt to drawing only half of the face and covering the other, with an apparent face mask.

Face mask Mask with filter and lollipop drawing – Bénelo

Washable face mask, this fabric mask is made with a double layer and is reusable, prepared to carry filters inside.

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His device was a sensation in Las Vegas and you can now buy it. With the support of her parents, the idea she conceived to solve her condition is now a technological device that was presented at the CES She has written for the Mexican Academy of Sciences where she was also the editor of its monthly newsletter and has been a reporter for the Consultative Forum Scientific and Technological.

Franco Canseco is 13 years old, he plays video games like other children, especially Jurassic World Evolution and tennis. And that idea came to him when he was only 8 years old. The Neutonic Band is a supplement that is placed on the head, at eye level and prevents the entry of light and integrates various technological devices that help improve sleep quality and insomnia.

Franco Canseco at the age of eight with his drawing to solve insomnia. He researched with neurologists and sleep specialists until he developed the Neutonic Band. That solution landed her in state and national science competitions. Neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropediatricians and internists were consulted to perfect the prototype and give it scientific support.

Your device underwent a controlled clinical study. In , he presented his idea on Shark Tank Mexico and obtained financing to consolidate the startup. As of , the sale of the product began. Magnetic technology Moments of relaxation are reached at 8 Hertz in the occipital lobe. The Neutonic Band generates a magnetic field of very low frequency and intensity, related to that frequency, to facilitate sleep. Textile design Textile technology controls humidity and temperature during use.

Fits any size head, ages four and up. Due to its silicone design, the integrated electronics do not compromise its flexibility. Black Tourmaline Quartz It is a mineral that corresponds to the class of silicates. Properties of regeneration and energy balance are attributed. No need to download any app to program or keep it connected to a light source during use.