Droopy Eyelid Makeup

This is how you should make up droopy eyelids

Now, we leave you to take note of the makeup technique that hides it. Eyes with drooping, hooded or hooded lids are.

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In the case of how to do eye makeup with drooping eyelids, use shadows in earth tones, peach and.

The easy trick to lift a droopy eyelid with eyeshadow and achieve professional anti-aging makeup.


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This is how you should make up droopy eyelids | Glamor

10 makeup tips for droopy eyelids – Woman from Real guide for today’s woman. find out now.

How to make up droopy eyelids?

Stand in front of a mirror and check if, when you open your eye, your crease is very little or almost imperceptible. But don’t worry, hooded eyes are usually a hereditary trait —or they appear with age— and we must learn to take advantage of them. First, draw a kind of cat eye several millimeters above the crease of the eye, with a light brown shadow.

Once you have achieved it, take a bronze shadow, apply a point at the height of the iris and fade outwards. Here you must rely on a fine half-moon eyeliner —that is, it does not have a tail— and another nude line on the water line. It is always said that it goes in the bone of the eyebrow but this is not your case. The highlighter creates an optical illusion of enlargement and, therefore, it should be blended below the end of the eyebrow.

Here the best products to make up each type of eyebrows. In this situation, the arch is very small and goes almost to the end of the eyebrow. The same happens if you want to use false eyelashes, cut them or buy the ones that come individual and place them at the end.