Duck Care

Know The Care Your Small Ducks Need

Raising ducks fundamentally needs outdoor spaces, with a source of clean water (lake, pool, etc.). They enjoy swimming freely, washing themselves and freshening up daily. In addition, they need to swim and walk to regularly exercise their muscles.

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We will analyze below the different care or accessories that you will have to give it so that it lives happily in a domestic environment. dream home. › Animals › Farm animals › Chickens and birds.

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A duck at home, what care does it need? Ducks need outdoor spaces to walk and stretch their wings at will. · The Ducks.

duck care

caring for a duck, focusing on feeding, environmental conditioning and essential care to preserve its good health.

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However, we must not forget that ducks require special care. Especially when we talk about little ducklings. And it is that these cares will guarantee their growth, development and above all well-being. Take care of their diet The first thing we should pay attention to is feeding our ducklings.

Food is essential not only for their growth, but also for their development and for their immune system. Ducks are omnivorous animals, that is, they need fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, algae, seeds and small insects or fish in their diet. The feed must cover their nutritional needs and in turn you must include fresh and varied foods in their diet.

Of course, avoid feeding your ducklings with food or feed from other pets, such as cats or dogs. But I do not want to miss the opportunity to remind you that your ducklings must have accessible water as the basis of their diet. These animals in their adulthood can drink up to a liter of water a day, and this amount can even increase depending on their diet.

So while you take care of their food, do not neglect to add accessible, clear and clean water for your birds. Take care of their environment Your ducklings are going to need an outdoor space where they can move, interact and ultimately live. By water source we mean: pond, river, spring or an area where they can have water with a depth of at least 20 or 30 cm so that the animals can submerge.

These animals love water, and it must be present in their lives, so if you do not have a pond or natural water source in your home, the use of a large basin or a paddling pool is your solution. Your home We have already talked about your diet and your environment. However, your ducklings and ducklings are going to need a place to shelter and shelter from the cold, the rain and at night.

If you have a large number of ducks, you can make a large shelter, in which everyone can take shelter. For the home of your ducks, you can either buy a ready-made chicken coop, or make it yourself with materials resistant to the weather conditions in your area. Cleaning Your ducks and ducklings will clean their plumage themselves. However, and although the ducklings are not going to need our help to clean their feathers, they do need us to take care of cleaning their environment.

For this, it is necessary that we clean your chicken coop or shelter at least once a week and that we change the water in the pond or basin so that it is always clean and in perfect condition. If we have followed all the steps up to here, it is normal that our duckling has grown healthy and strong in the best conditions.

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