Dumbbell Back Exercises

Exercises With Dumbbells Or Weights To Work The Back

Top 15 exercises for a big, V-shaped back 1- Band bent over row 2- Renegade row 3- One arm dumbbell row

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Hold that position for a short while and lower yourself back down. Keep your back straight throughout this exercise: just.

Dumbbell Back Exercises Dumbbell Row Forward Bent Row Kneeling Row – One Arm Row – One Arm Deadlift.

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Exercises with dumbbells or weights to work the back – Step To Health

These five exercises with dumbbells are an excellent option to train our back both at home and in the gym.

Recommendations before starting the exercises

Starting position Standing with legs bent, very inclined and with the weights next to the legs. Face up with arms extended up Face down with arms extended forward 4. Never force yourself, if you can’t raise your limbs much at first, it’s normal. This exercise is very beneficial, not only for the back, but for the entire core. This happens because you have to pull all the core strength of your body to be able to raise both your legs and your arms.

Difficulty: Medium. Equipment: 1 or 2 dumbbells and a mat. Starting position: Face down on the floor with dumbbells grasped in each hand, arms stretched out in front of you. It consists of rowing on one leg, so it has an added difficulty. Difficulty: High. Equipment: 1 dumbbell. Rowing to the neck This option consists of raising the dumbbells to the height of the neck.

To do it correctly you have to raise them keeping your hands close to your body and with your palms down. The elbows should go past the shoulders when you perform the upward movement. Doing it with dumbbells decreases the risk of injury 5.

Rowing to the neck is a simple exercise, but it requires a lot of strength and concentration. Equipment: 2 dumbbells. Starting position: Standing with legs slightly bent. Start in this plank position, then raise a dumbbell to your chest while maintaining balance with the other hand. The movements are performed alternately with one hand and the other. You should not try it if you are not very experienced, since you could hurt yourself.

Go to top Conclusion Dumbbell workouts are the best for strengthening your back. Don’t be in a hurry and start small if you are a beginner. Also do not forget that exercising with very heavy dumbbells is not going to help you improve. You have many varieties of exercises and if your back hurts, you can do them sitting down.