Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row: An Ideal Unilateral Exercise For Your Back

Step 1 Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a.

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How to do it: We start with one leg resting on an incline bench and the arm on the same side stretched out. We will support the other leg on the.

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Today the chosen exercise is horizontal row with dumbbell, one arm. Execution technique of the dumbbell horizontal row.

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The dumbbell horizontal row is a unilateral type compound exercise that engages the lower back muscles. It is done using a bench as a support.

▷ Dumbbell row1 excellent unilateral exercise

Seated Double Dumbbell Row Steps Grab two dumbbells of the same weight each and choose a bench to sit on. Place the plant well.

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How to do the dumbbell row

The movement that the dumbbell rowing exercise generates is postulated as an excellent exercise for our dorsal muscles, especially because it becomes an ideal opportunity to perform a movement with transference to daily life and that allows a gain in strength and hypertrophy in our part. back of trunk. It is done using a bench as a support and a dumbbell in one of the hands. The dumbbell row is a global exercise that mobilizes many muscle groups.

Figure 1. Muscles involved in the dumbbell row. At the end of the concentric phase, the trapezius and rhomboids are activated. To begin, we must support the knee and hand opposite to the one that is going to execute the movement on the bench. The position of the back must be neutral at all times, extending an imaginary straight line to the head, focusing on a neutral position of the neck, without hyperextension.

Figure 2. Excessively curving the back or mobilizing it in the execution of the exercise can cause injuries. That is why we must take care of the position of the back at all times, insisting on maintaining a straight line that extends to the head.

This causes the spine to not be neutral and the head misaligned with it. Separate the elbow from our body The dumbbell in this exercise should rise against our ribs without separating the elbow. Many studies support the excellent incidence of muscle hypertrophy relative to other exercises 1. Performing the dumbbell row with two hands allows you to train your back in less time, however, training the dumbbell row unilaterally allows you to move heavy loads and activate more stabilizing muscles.

Conclusion As we can see, rowing with dumbbells is an ideal exercise for our back, with endless benefits. However, it is important to take care of the execution technique, as it is a unilateral exercise that implies a certain technique. Graham, John F. Dumbbell One-Arm Row. Int J Sports Med. Bradsley, C. How do rowing exercises differ?.

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