Dumbbell Triceps

3 Exercises For The Triceps With Dumbbells

1- Push-ups with hands together 2- Dumbbell standing extensions 3- TRX extensions 4- Bench dumbbell extensions 5- Press.

dumbbell exercises. There are many weight-bearing arm exercises that will help you achieve the toning you need.

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Two-Arm Triceps Extensions Stand and hold a dumbbell in both hands behind your head with the upper arms.

Also known as the dumbbell skull crush, it’s a great way to build strength and muscle. Choose a dumbbell weight.

8 Dumbbell and Barbell Exercises for Strong Triceps

Dumbbell Two Arm Overhead Triceps Extensions. It is done following the guidelines of the video. Can also be done standing.

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Dumbbell and barbell exercises for triceps

Anatomy of the triceps brachii Before discussing exercises for the triceps with dumbbells, we will anatomically contextualize the triceps. It is important to note that the long head of the triceps is biarticular The heads of the triceps are also known as the vastus medialis, medialis, and longus Figure 1. Anatomy of the triceps brachii At shoulder level: extends the shoulder and is accessory adductor when the shoulder is in extension. In the next section we will explain in detail the 3 exercises for the triceps with dumbbells.

Execution phase Inhale and flex the elbows controlling the movement. Return to the starting position and exhale at the end of the effort. Figure 2. Execution of the French press with dumbbells. Unilateral dumbbell French press It is also possible to perform this exercise for the triceps with dumbbells unilaterally 4. Figure 3. Execution of the unilateral French press with dumbbells. One of the main benefits of executing the exercises unilaterally is that we ensure that both arms receive the same stimulus 4.

Return to the starting position and exhale at the end of the movement. The vertical position of the arm stretches the long head of the triceps, thus favoring its contraction during work 4. Figure 4. Seated elbow extension with a dumbbell Next we analyze the execution of this exercise for triceps with dumbbell.

Execution phase Inhale and make an extension of the elbows. Exhale at the end of the movement. The vertical position of the arm strongly stretches the long head of the triceps brachii, favoring a good demand on this region during its contraction 4. In this exercise for the triceps with dumbbells it is important to contract the core muscles to avoid overly rounding the back and, whenever possible, it is recommended to use a bench with a short back 4.

Figure 5. Seated Elbow Extension with a Dumbbell. Effects of Shoulder Position on Dumbbell Triceps Exercises We previously mentioned 3 dumbbell triceps exercises. However, a series of factors must be taken into account to select one or the other when introducing them into our training programs.

The dumbbell triceps exercises discussed are the bilateral French press and the seated elbow extension. Figure 6. Figure 7. Figure 8. Figure 9. During the concentric phase of the two dumbbell triceps exercises, greater triceps activation is obtained in the initial and middle ROM than in the final ROM, especially for the lateral head 1. The least muscular activation is observed in the eccentric phase of the two exercises 1.

The main difference between these exercises for the triceps with dumbbells can be seen in the stretch of the long head of the triceps 1. Therefore, we observed that the muscle activation of the long head varies between both exercises because it is biarticular and greater shoulder flexion, such as during elbow extension with a dumbbell, causes greater activation of said portion of the triceps brachii 1.

As this portion is uniarticular, the position of the shoulder does not influence its activation pattern 1. Conclusions In this article we analyze the best exercises to train the triceps with dumbbells. Without a doubt, they are ideal exercises to build strong triceps.

Some examples are those exercises where the dumbbell passes over the head. Effect of shoulder position on triceps brachii heads activity in dumbbell elbow extension exercises. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness, 58 9 , — Muscle activation during push-ups with different suspension training systems.

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