Ear Piercing For Men

Types of Ear Piercing for Men

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Types of Ear Piercing for Men ยท 1 What types of piercing exist? 2 Ear piercing in the lobe 3 Ear piercing in the.

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Types of ear piercings Helix: hole in the upper part of the cartilage. Industrial: two holes in the earlobe connected by a jewel.

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Standard, industrial, helix and orbital lobe are considered the best areas for men. But to get it to work is not so much a question of the type.

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Lobe Piercing There are three types of lobe piercing. The characteristics of the chosen earring are key. For example, ear plugs provide a punk and alternative effect. And not only because of the symmetry, but because an addictive quality is attributed to piercings. It is also the piercing in which the dilators are placed, a type of jewelry that can expand the ear hole from just a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

It is a trend among millennials, although there are people from previous generations who also wear them with great style. This is less common, so the transversal is a very interesting idea if you would like to wear a piercing that differentiates you from the rest. Men’s earrings Cartilage piercing Except for the lobe, all ear piercings must go through helix, industrial, daith cartilage… This is because there is less blood flow in the cartilage.

During this time it is important to maintain good hygiene, it is recommended to clean it twice a day with saline solution, monitor the healing process and above all not change the earring, as this increases the risk of rejection and infection. It is likely that your ear hurts for a while when you rest your head on the pillow with that side of your face.

So if you plan to pierce the cartilage of the other ear as well, consider waiting until the first one is fully healed. Otherwise, at night it can be quite difficult to find a comfortable position. The Best Ear Piercings for Men Personal Touches Help Looks Win Style Points. When it comes to the face, combining an ear, nose or other piercing with a tasteful beard and toupee can help you project a modern and current image.

But to make it work it is not so much a matter of the type of piercing as the shape of the earring itself. A simple and robust design in black or silver is a safe bet. For example, a plain black barbell, ring or plug. However, it depends on personal preferences. Piercings are made from different materials. Choose hypoallergenic titanium if you want to make sure you wear an ear piercing without causing any allergic reaction, as these occur very rarely with this material.

In second place for safety is stainless steel. Another of its advantages is that, apparently, it eliminates bad odors thanks to its porosity. The market offers a huge variety of wooden piercings, both in terms of the type of wood and the design. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics.

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