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Piercing For Men 2022: Types, Tips And Designs

Types of ear piercings Helix: hole in the upper part of the cartilage. Industrial: two holes in the earlobe connected by a jewel.

1 in 3 people who get pierced other parts of the body than the earlobe suffer some complication. The clinical report of.

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It is said, it is said that depending on the location of the piercing it has one meaning or another. Therefore, if we want the spike-type earring we will have to look for a space like in the ear that allows it to be seen and comfortable. Types of piercing for men The types of piercing for men have contributed to creating a new piercing that has never been seen before: the tragus piercing. This new conception has been included due to the variety of piercings that can be done in the ears.

Many women are passionate about this type of piercing because of the aesthetic character it offers. For those who do not know this type of piercings, we want to make a point right now so that they can locate themselves and see where it is located. The tragus piercing is made in the oval part of the ear, right in the cartilage that prevents direct sounds from entering the ear. Regarding pain when getting a tragus piercing, we must emphasize that the tragus is a cartilage, so there are not many nerve endings that produce pain or blood vessels.

Although bleeding in this area is not common, we must clarify that it is not a profuse bleeding, but that it appears in a controlled manner and without producing unwanted consequences. Piercing designs for men earrings There are many piercing designs for men in earrings that allow us to combine them in the different drilling areas.

On the other hand, spike piercings have also stood out in this In addition, hoop earrings have also revolutionized the world of piercings in , since they can be placed anywhere and offer many designs and colors.

Arrows, stars, interlocking pendants, etc. A whole world of piercing designs to be discovered by the user. Tips for piercing for men Like everything in this life, we must have a series of precautions regarding the healing of the earrings, for this reason here we leave you some tips for piercing for men First of all, we must follow the recommendations of our specialist.

Note that the trasgus earrings have a recovery of between a month and a half and two months, so we must follow the advice during all that time. On the other hand, we must keep the piercing without removing it until the piercing has not completely healed. However, the method for the piercing to heal should include the application of physiological serum, as well as preventing any scab that forms from coming off and continuously washing the area of ​​the piercing with soap and warm water.

The name of helix receives it from the area in which it is made, the cartilage. In fact, if you put yourself in the hands of a professional, you may have it in two minutes. Thus we can find: Antihelix Piercing or Advanced Helix: Which is done in the inner part of the ear, attached to the face and above the tragus. It’s a complicated thing to do. Daith Piercing or Internal Helix: What is done in the mouth of the ear, in the central part of the ear. It is also complicated to do, although there are those who say that due to its location it is perfect if you suffer from migraines since it is the acupuncture point that is used to end that problem.

Rook or Tower Piercing: Located on the inner ridge of the ear cartilage How is the helix piercing done The first thing to do is choose the specific area of ​​the cartilage in which you want to wear it. If you like it, leave it like that, otherwise you must indicate where you want it exactly. Once the hole is made, a jewel is placed that may not be the definitive one.

Keep in mind that until the piercing has healed you may need to wear a temporary piercing. You must clean the area well every day, with neutral soap, and do not touch it because of the risk of infection. The time between getting the piercing and it being healed can vary depending on each person, but it is usually at least two weeks.

It is a small oval cartilage that is located just outside the ear canal. As was the case with the helix, the tragus piercing has several types, which are: Vertical Tragus Piercing: This piercing is made in the area of ​​the tragus, although from the top to the bottom, perpendicular to the normal.

It usually hurts quite a bit and it is complicated to do so we must go to a professional who has experience in this regard since one of the risks of getting this piercing is to suffer a tear. Antitragus Piercing: This other piercing is done in the cartilage area that protrudes above the earlobe. It would be located just in front of the tragus piercing. It is a painful area, and it may also take a long time for it to heal even a year. Once pierced, a cork or tube may be needed to receive the needle.

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