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Pierce Your Ears In 2022 Is The Style Hack Of The Year

Transverse lobe: horizontal hole along the earlobe. Does it hurt to get a piercing? Hank, who has lobes dilated up to 20 mm and a.

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Getting your ears pierced could be one of the best style decisions of the year. I’m sorry to inform you, dear reader, that your ears look a bit sketchy. We live in the age of the SoundCloud rapper, where the idea of ​​sitting down to work in the office without looking like one of Basquiat’s notebooks is almost obscene.

We are sure that you are not one of those who think like this. All this, why have you grown, that’s how dear reader, you have come to understand that when they tell you that things are "for women" it’s just a way for society to tell you that you don’t deserve to express yourself or take time for yourself. Get inspired, and be the next to pierce your ears. Julien Boudet Native Share A crucifix If you have both ears pierced then it’s worth thinking about if you want to experiment with asymmetry.

A dangle earring is such a powerful and sexy addition to a lewk that New York Magazine made an excellent reference in its honor. While you may not be ready for candle holders to come out of your body, a small crucifix like this is a really nice step from "Check out my new subtle addition" to "i’m cool and i know it". The best place to start your journey of piercing your ears is, inevitably, with a hoop.

Maybe you just want a little gold one. It’s deeply fabulous and twisted in every possible way. something exceptional. Courtesy Native Share Versace Medusa Bold and gold, these gold-plated brass earrings are for anyone who wants to make a statement.

Julien Boudet Native Share Double piercing Sometimes a single piercing can already be considered a big step, but it can still make you look like someone who just bought a Lamborghini and cheated on their partner, a cry for help that came from an identity crisis, instead of being the perfect consolidation of who you always knew you were. Even if it’s just in one ear, baller moves like this have people saying: "That man is a deliberate and sophisticated connoisseur" since the beginning.

It has now been cast in 18K yellow gold, ready for you to wear as the ultimate accessory. Julien Boudet Native Share Shells Some Might Say "start with a simple hoop", but we would like to suggest an alternative way: "start with seashells". Julien Boudet Native Share The femme hybrid style As men, we don’t spend enough time trying to look like Josephine Baker.

In fact, we’ve completely ignored art deco and the Cotton Club as places for menswear inspiration. Courtesy Native Share Gucci Snake Earrings Hand-applied white and green crystals in different shapes and sizes define these metal and gold snake earrings. Julien Boudet Native Share Obscenity When Caravaggio defended and perfected the concept of chiaroscuro, he played with the concept of how light and shadow can inform each other in a painting.

This earring is Seurat-esque. And then you notice the writing underneath and realize that: "This is art". Courtesy Native Share Ambush Pill Earring One for the bold among us, this sterling silver earring is made in Japan and features an oversized safety pin with a red pill and logo engraved charm. GQ Mexico and Latin America.

Our specialist explains the risks involved in perforations. – come the joy