Easy And Fluffy Homemade Bread

Homemade Bread Recipe

If you want to save money, go down to buy bread during quarantine and your parents or even yourself, since it is a very easy recipe to make.

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How to make homemade bread Do you want an easy recipe, good and very days of the year a delicious and fluffy bread made with your own little hands.

Fluffy and easy homemade bread In Blender! Nothing richer than the traditional homemade bread to accompany some delicious mate or a delicious coffee.

It is important not to overdo it so that the bread is soft and fluffy. We have to get an elastic, soft and slightly sticky dough. bolear.

How to make homemade sliced ​​bread – Recetas de Escándalo

The definitive recipe to make homemade sliced ​​bread, step by step and with It is very easy to make and you just need patience to let it.

homemade bread recipe

Put the flour in a bowl and the salt on the edges. Make a hole in the center and pour the sponge there. Add olive oil and warm water to form a smooth, soft dough. Knead on the counter until the surface of the dough is smooth and thick. A good kneading is key for the bread to come out delicious. Cover with a dish towel and let rest for half an hour at warm room temperature. First you have to degas, and then we have several options. One is to make buns with the dough the size of a palm, if we prefer to have many homemade buns.

If we have a mold, the dough can be placed there to get a bread like a package. Bake the bread at degrees, until golden.