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Decorated Acrylic Or Gel Nails 2022 – Designs And Models

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decoration-of-some-step-by-step-lines It is very easy to achieve it. You just have to protect your fingers and the table where you are going to do.

Are you looking for ideas for the next time you get a manicure?? Parauñas brings you the best acrylic, gel, permanent nail designs, etc.

UPDATE DESIGN: Poly gel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both; Easy to use: nail extension.

Decorated acrylic or gel nails – designs and models

This idea is easy to realize in a manicure. It is important to use contrasts so that the snowflakes have a clean and festive look: you can.

In the first, we see how he has painted the base in a solid and light color, in pastel tones, and has limited himself to drawing some colored stripes with a pine brush. The result is a kind of geometric print, something tribal, which looks wonderful.

In the second, he has applied a somewhat dark base, a kind of coffee with milk, and with the "dotting tool" he has drawn a few hearts in a very simple way. In the third nail decoration, create a typical half-moon design on the bottom of the nail, playing with two layers of polish, one shiny and one maroon.

Very elegant. On the fifth design, draw some flower petals only on the top of the nail, leaving the bottom half with just a layer of glitter. As we see in the video, these golden lines on a turquoise background look wonderful. Combined with the pink and red of the petals, it offers a sensational result. A very cool design, no doubt. In the ninth, the «color block» technique or color blocks and dotted.

It is also a very simple and elegant design that combines nudes, blacks and whites. Then, with a brush, he blurs those stains creating an almost watercolor effect, which he fixes with a layer of top coat. In this image you can see how well these simple designs look. We understand that it can be very frustrating to see a large number of nail designs and decorations and that we do not get any because they are designs that are too complicated to make.

Nail Art – Easy Dotticure for Beginners – Easy manicure for beginners For beginners, it is best to start making lines and dots or dots and play with their possible compositions and combinations. Just a few colors of nail polish, a fine brush and an awl, to make the polka dots. Take a good look at the design, before deciding what colors you are going to use.

It is about natural nails, to which blocks of colors in black and red are added on the upper part, separated with a silver line. Then the black polka dots are added. It is a red design with a touch of silver and black. Very simple if you have a fine brush or even a toothpick. How to do this nail decoration step by step 1. Paint all your nails with two coats of light blue polish.

Use a fine Nail Art brush to paint a very thin line with lilac color on all the nails, as we see in the image. Use the brush that comes in the lilac polish itself to fill in the top of the nail. Repeat the process on all nails. From the looks of it, it seems difficult, but nothing like that. We encourage you to use cheerful colors and combine them. For example, coral orange and turquoise colors go well with each other, but adding gold creates a striking effect.

I am imagining it as a perfect nail decoration for the summer, even to go to the pool or the beach. This is a Gostei e agora design? You can see neon colored nails, which give a very striking phosphorescent effect.

The possibilities to create a model of simple and beautiful nails are many: black and white, ribbons, polka dots, matte, etc. Remember that on Twitter we are unaspintadascom and, on Facebook, Nails Painted.