Egg Omelet

Egg Omelette Recipe

The French omelette or omelet is a dish made with beaten egg and cooked with butter or oil, in a pan. The shape it acquires during cooking is similar to that of a round leaf, extended or folded on itself. The.

Lightly beat the eggs and add to the cubed milk and flavor mixture. 3. Cook the Omelette in a hot frying pan with the oil over low heat. 4. TO.

Put a splash of oil in the pan and bring it to medium heat. Meanwhile add the eggs to a bowl, add two tablespoons of milk to.

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Welcome to Paulina Cocina, in this edition in which we are going to make the perfect egg omelette.

Egg omelette with ham, cheese and peas for breakfast

Instructions Put a medium pot over high heat with two cups of water. When it breaks the boil, add the peas. Beat the eggs and the.

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