Eggplant Milanesa

How to Make Homemade Eggplant Milanese

Cut the aubergines lengthwise, one centimeter thick. Rub the aubergine slices with the salt. Place them in a colander and let them rest.

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Boil water in a large pot. Add the salt and the aubergine, and let it boil for 2 minutes. Drain the aubergine slices and spread them with.

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Take a frying pan over medium heat with a little sunflower oil, once hot add our aubergine milanese and let it fry for.

Check out this delicious recipe for Milanesa de Aubergines. This is my version of the classic aubergine Milanese!!!!!!#I stay at home.

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Eggplant milanese 2 aubergines. Salt to taste. 2 eggs. 2 cloves of garlic 1 Cut the aubergines lengthwise, into 1 cm slices.

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Hello, the eggplant has a medium brown color even a little gray. Citlalli Barberis Erenberg says It is a sensation that sometimes the eggplant on the tongue gives you, it is very ugly!! I never had that problem, what I do is that I take them out of the freezer directly into the very hot oil. I love eggplants, and I follow the same steps as you, but I prefer baked.

The problem is that I always get rubbery. I make a lot and then I freeze it, what am I doing wrong?? Thanks for reading and making the recipe!!! I never bake them. It can also be the aubergine you choose, try to get a little more tender small aubergines, which are less porous. When freezing them they are not cooked and the ideal is to take them out of the freezer directly to cook them.

Do the experiment of frying them to see if the same thing happens to you with the texture. Greetings and tell me what results you have had. I would love to make this recipe but I don’t have ground bread, that’s a problem? But the step flour — egg — breadcrumbs what causes is a paste that makes you waste a lot of breadcrumbs. I will continue with the recipe of the grandmother, without flour. Citlalli Barberis Erenberg says in Hola Juan!

So that the next time you make them you do not get the paste, you must make sure that when you take the aubergines out of the flour they do not have excesses, for that give them a little tap and do not put them wet in the flour. I hope you give them another chance. Greeting Camila says Hi. You say you can do the same with zucchinis?

They are also submerged in water with coarse salt? Citlalli Barberis Erenberg says Hello, the zucchini are not submerged in water, they are only passed through flour, egg and bread. Thank you!! Citlalli Barberis Erenberg Says Thank You!!! thanks for your recipe! I made them tonight, just like but cooking them in the oven and they came out very tasty! Citlalli Barberis Erenberg says.