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Eiza González Reyna (Mexico City, January 30, ) is an actress and singer where she completed two years of a three-year course before she was.

Eiza González Reyna is a Mexican actress and singer, daughter of Carlos González and Glenda Reyna, a famous model in her country. His father passed away in the year

Actress and singer, Eiza González is one of the strongest Mexicans who has been stepping in Hollywood in recent years. In had his first big.

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"I wish we supported each other a little more among Mexicans" · Successful, powerful, dignified, this is how we perceive the goddess Eiza González who.

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Eiza González: The before and after of the highest grossing actress in Hollywood. CHARACTERS. The Mexican singer and actress is the face of the.

Who is Eiza Gonzalez?

Feeling confident with every small or big step in her career, she does not discriminate the opportunity to play a role: for her, each new role is an opportunity to tell stories through a character. This was the series that made the young 16-year-old Eiza, recognized in Mexico, Latin America and the United States, where after finishing the recording, she stayed to live for three months to take acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Her full name is Eiza Gonzalez Reyna, she was born on January 30, in Mexico. His mother, the former Mexican model and current artist representative, Glenda Reyna, is the one who, in fact, is originally from Sonora, Mexico. In , Eiza entered the actor’s academy of the Mexican television network Televisa. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who! Gonzalez would play the role of Santanico Pandemonium, a role that Salma Hayek had previously played in , and where he is seen recreating exactly the same scene that Hayek did with impressive accuracy.

For this film, the team had stipulated a world tour where they would tour the United States, Europe and some Asian countries. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the media tour had to be canceled and Bloodshot was released through digital platforms.

Although the film had a release date for April , it joined a list of films whose release was postponed as a result of the global COVID pandemic. The Mexican actress also gave voice, in this, to Milagro Navarro in the DreamWorks animated film , Spirit: Indomitable.

It started with the soundtrack of the series Lola, once upon a time. She travels to Mexico City to visit her mother when she is not accompanying her in her productions or interviews. His mother figure, with whom he is frequently seen in interviews and film sets, is also an agent and Mexican television presenter, originally from Caborca, Sonora. At the age of 21, Glenda enters the world of modeling by chance, when she had to replace her friend and also a model, Wanda Amieiro, on a catwalk.

In he retired from modeling to found his own modeling agency. She was a jury of the television program from until the year. This is why the actress already has a large number of projects on her resume. Thanks to these productions, Eiza traveled around Mexico and Latin America making live presentations during the promotional media tour for both series.

In an interview, Eiza says that the favorite piece in her wardrobe is a faux leopard fur hat, since it belonged to her grandmother, then to her mother, and now she had inherited it. Her passion for fashion remains intact, Eiza currently frequents New York Fashion Week, attending fashion shows by designers such as Ralph Lauren.

Unfortunately, Latinxs represent only the 4. And it is not for less, the Mexican was included, like Luis Gerardo Mendez, as a member of the Academy. King Kong, have catapulted the Mexican to unimaginable places. At the beginning of the year, the one born in Mexico City gave way to the catwalks and the world of modeling to be the new face of Louis Vuitton, which made her the first Mexican to be the image of the prestigious French firm.

Which marks it as a benchmark of diversity and Latino representation so lacking in such a global and polarized world. Yes, she is the Mexican actress who has become a reference for fashion and Hollywood talent.