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3 Elite Keys To Understanding The Pre-Season 4 Short Stories

Nadia and Guzmán’s relationship is not going through its best moment. Nadia doubts what her feelings will be if she returns to Spain for her sister’s wedding, after her brother’s call.

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In addition, this relationship is joined by a third party in discord, Felipe, played by Àlex Monner. ‘Elite: Short Stories 2’. ‘Samuel and Omar’ is.

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Elite: Short Stories; Netflix June 14 December 23

‘Elite: Short Stories’ (and Christmas) premieres its second installment It is with these new ones that we are going to spend Christmas.

3 Elite keys to understand the short stories prior to season 4

Elite: Short Stories is a series by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona with Georgina Amorós (Caye), Georgina Amorós (Cayetana). Elite. short stories is.

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Netflix’s Spanish super production expands its universe in the purest Marvel style

The eternal story of impossible love, between a rich and conservative family and another Muslim and humble. Let us remember that both had to appear what they were not. But they hid the homosexuality that ended up uniting them very much. However, a cursed illness changed Ander completely. His heart loved Omar, but his head made him part. It seemed that he was going to end up dying, but he gradually overcame the disease. And at the same time, Samu, is the character that best falls.

With this, the streaming platform will focus all its efforts on providing an event at the level that Elite deserves. There we will obviously have the opportunity to discover how the summer of the students of Las Encinas has been. Undoubtedly, all are unpublished. Those in charge of writing these pieces have been Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, the original creators of the series.