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Eiza González, famous Mexican actress, shocked her followers and fans of social networks by celebrating Christmas in an epic way.

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Eiza González shared an emotional message in honor of the late Octavio Ocaña, with whom she worked on the telenovela Lola, Once upon a time in.

The actress Eiza González spends 8 thousand dollars a month (about a thousand Mexican pesos) to rent a luxury apartment in New York.

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Eiza González will give life to the legendary María Félix in a film — El Nacional

Eiza González: "I confronted Trump because he is a tyrant who intoxicated the world with lies" · This is how he managed to defeat the most stereotypes.

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She was dressed in a spectacular yellow Ralph Lauren dress that in this edition of the awards the whole world has compared to Zendaya’s. And it helped me to consider the future. It was very nice because now that things started to happen, they flowed better," she says from Mexico City, where she traveled already vaccinated against covid to visit her family and friends and reconnect with her origins. And also to see who he considers the key to his success, his mother, former model Glenda Reyna, who supported him when he told him that he wanted to leave school and be an actress as a teenager, and who, faced with the criticism he had to face since she was a child, she has always believed in her.

I owe my career to her. You don’t have time to sit down and think because you’re a girl. Now that I’m back I remember parts of my life that seem like a dream to me. Now I am a different person mentally and emotionally. I didn’t plan it. It was an accident. I ended up staying in a project and after three months I was moving. It was pure luck because it was the second audition of my life, but that’s not normal, it doesn’t even happen to me now.

I do auditions and I don’t stay. But so I know how hard it is. The fact that it happened means that it is something that had to happen. And clearly I want to think that I was prepared with the language and ready for the challenge and the sacrifices that that entailed, the hard work that I was going to have to do with myself being one in a million in order to stand out. Yes, and it was complex. With so many expectations around you, you ask yourself which version of yourself is the one that people are going to accept.

And add that you arrive in another country and you have to please a society. Now she was Latina in an industry where there was no acceptance of Latinas like today. I had to respond to the idea of ​​a sexy woman, I couldn’t assume that I was going to become Cate Blanchett or Natalie Portman, I had to respond to those stereotypes.

I cut my hair to try to get out of that register, and they put extensions on me so that I would have long hair again. Or typical, they forced me to have an accent. Little by little I have been escaping from the cliché and I can also say it: I don’t have to do this or I don’t deserve it.

Six years ago I only auditioned once or twice a year because there weren’t many positions for Latinas. Today I introduce myself to everything. People want content and I also think the audiences have spoken a lot. And I will always support them because when you are a minority you understand their struggles. Although they are different, you understand the feeling of not being seen. Photo: Alexi Lubomirski He has confronted Donald Trump on his social networks, a president who came to the White House attacking Mexicans and migrants.

Because he is a tyrant and what he did was intoxicate the world with lies and partial visions of reality. It was bittersweet for me because I felt dirty living in a country where the person in front said such despicable things about my people. I personally experienced migration in this country and I have family on the border, in Sonora. I know it very well, I know how it works and I work with many NGOs that are dedicated to helping in that State. For me it was devastating and a very complex situation was being greatly simplified.

I always attacked him on social networks because if you have the power to have six million following you, if three or four people who follow me can inform other people that people in Mexico are not like that, that we are good and hardworking , you have already achieved something. I cried for hours. It gave me great joy because it is a step towards a better country. It’s a breath of fresh air, of hope for the future. I think what was happening with Trump is that he was dividing society, he was generating a lot of hate.

I am not going to become a citizen under the Trump presidency because it goes against my honor and against my morals. Not rush. At the time that everything with Biden happened and with Kamala Harris as vice president, the fact that I can finally be an American citizen with the first non-white female vice president is something that represents what I believe. Now we have to see what they are going to do with the presidency because I am not blind either, but it is a big step for society and for hope that there will be a union between people again.

There has been a lot of division and polarization. I’m an animalist and I can’t handle things like animal product testing. I started to have a plant-based diet, also for health, to educate myself, to read, to plant my own vegetables to have fresh products in my house. I love what Stella McCartney has been up to.

I don’t wear fur. I have had to oppose several times in various jobs, but it is super important because for me animals are everything. I have adopted animals all my life. We have to make an effort as a society and sacrifice certain things along the way so that our children and our children’s children have beautiful lives and the opportunity to enjoy this planet in the way that we have had.

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