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Ester Exposito Turns 21; In Social Networks They Celebrate It Like This

Ester Exposito is currently 20 years old and is one of the most popular actresses in Spain and one of the three most followed Spanish actresses in.

He admits that he was very choni in adolescence and that his first drunkenness was when he was 14 years old. Ester Expósito has become one of the actresses.

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She is barely 20 years old but the Spanish actress has established herself as one of the youngest figures, only in sum more.

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Diving devotee and fan of Antonio de la Torre or Carmen Maura, we discover the most unknown side of Ester Expósito.

What happens if you find Ester Expósito in a bathroom?

Despite the age difference, the actors maintain a Ester Expósito and the actor Nico Furtado posed for the first time together in.

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But, the truth is that Ester Expósito takes it with a lot of philosophy. The eternal wait allows me to carefully observe the modus operandi of those who, like me, have landed in the utility vehicles taking a break in their lively night. I check Google to make sure. I reach out and break the ice. She answers yes, without much surprise at being overwhelmed. Not at all.

They even start talking to you and you roll up. But to me it’s silly. As always I control enough, I have no problem. We have realized, above all, while partying because, of course, that is the target of the series. All the people you meet when you go out at night have seen it. Then, on the street, it’s less noticeable. We knew it was something that could happen, I think we got along quite well.

I take it very calmly, I think that’s the key to not getting overwhelmed. But I’ve always been like this, I’ve never liked giving that image with my friends or losing control of what I’m doing or the image I’m giving. I think so. We had different hobbies and different goals in life. I had to leave second year of Baccalaureate because it was impossible to combine it.

She could be lying to give a good image, but the truth is that, from what I talk to her, she leads by example. And it is that not everyone can say that they have a representative since they were 14 years old. With all the mess of things that I have right now, it would be a mess to get into another one, such as moving house. Now I have neither time nor desire. It scared them a little, but as you know the illusion that made me live from this since I was little and I have always been very clear about it, they have supported me a lot and have kept my feet on the ground.

Before the age of 14 they did not want me to work because I was not prepared for what could be a success or for working life. Just imagining myself in that situation makes me anxious. However, she doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed. We had been prepared for anything. But you never imagine how it will be until it arrives. It has exceeded everyone’s expectations, but it was what we wanted. Although it also gets along better. Then on the street is when it really affects your life.

The good thing is that in Spain the fan phenomenon is not as crazy as in Latin America, for example. We are happy because they are people who have seen our work and liked it. At least it is an indication that you have been in a project that has hit it.

I do not look. From time to time I go to see if there is someone from the profession who has congratulated me on my work or someone I know has spoken to me, although it is almost impossible because there are thousands of requests. But if they send me photos I won’t see them. it’s crazy. In all this time he has not separated from the mobile. Although I don’t have anything to do, because I don’t post many photos either, I’m always on my mobile. What does not understand age is envy. I don’t live like that.

Nor do I judge an actress for not knowing her. I see a lot, especially among girls, who look down on you because you have a lot of followers and that makes me sad. There is a lot of that in this world and it happens with any brutal phenomenon. Yes, but whoever did it already knew what kind of people it was before and it didn’t surprise me. I have always been friends counted on the fingers of one hand.

I don’t do it because I’m very jealous of my privacy in that sense and also because I’m quite lazy. It’s true. The news about how I do my makeup is funny to me because I love makeup, I don’t care. The gossip ones depend, since I was little I’ve been seeing all my idols in them, so I knew that it was a little what there was.

The thing is not to pay much attention because in the end it is nothing personal. I have considered doing only what I really like, I don’t think I have done many things either because I am quite selective. I have to look every day to see what I want, but it’s also cool to have the opportunity to collaborate with certain brands that you like. Although I don’t do anything.

We finished our conversation in the bathroom. She comes out and I’m left with the feeling that this girl has things very clear despite her young age. especially in your case. Because yes, you can be 19 years old, have millions of fans on social media and don’t let the likes go to your head. If so, this conversation would never have taken place. Request your paper copy in store.