Esther Exposito’S Boyfriend

Does Ester Expósito have a new love??

Who is Nico Furtado, Ester Expósito’s new boyfriend 2 min. · 30 million followers.

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After separating last summer from her last boyfriend, Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer, the 21-year-old artist, who is the Spanish with the most.

But nothing, everything remained in simple rumors. Now it has been the magazine HELLO! the one who has caught the actress with whom her boyfriend would be and it is not.

Ester Expósito and her boyfriend, for the first time in This is non-stop salsa, and that is that the actress of the famous ‘Netflix’ series, ‘.

Ester Expósito debuts a new boyfriend, the Uruguayan actor Nicolás Furtado

Nico Furtado, that is, Ester Expósito’s boyfriend, is promoting the fourth season of the Netflix series ‘El Marginal’.

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Ester Expósito already has a new boyfriend and here is the proof