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The Photo That Would Prove Tom Holland Is Joining The Cast Of ‘Euphoria’

A group of high school students navigate drugs, sex, trauma, social media, love and friendship.

The end of the first season of Euphoria left us completely The characters and cast in charge of interpreting them are: Rue (Zendaya).

Actors and actresses ; Zendaya. Character: Rue Bennett; hunter schafer. Character: Jules Vaughn ; Jacob Elordi. Character: Nate Jacobs; Maude Apatow. Character.

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Cast and characters[edit]. Main[edit]. Zendaya as Rue Bennett, a teenage drug addict.

The photo that would prove that Tom Holland will join the cast of ‘Euphoria’ | you online

Emmy Zendaya Leads Cast, Characters, Cast or Entire Cast of Actors and Actresses in HBO Max Series Euphoria Season 2.

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