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Evaluna Montaner Knows The Keys To Achieving A Perfect Cat Eye Liner

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The Venezuelan Evaluna Montaner has made a constant presence in the gossip press and social networks, thanks to her romance with the.

Followers, 94 Following, – See photos and videos from Evaluna Montaner

Photo shared by Ricky on January 06, @marlenesalome, and @montaner evaluna. Verified. Evaluna Montaner de Echeverry.

Evaluna Montaner showed a cat eye liner for almond-shaped eyes | fashion

Photo shared by C A M I ​​L O on October 21, @evaluna. May be a Photo shared by Evaluna Montaner de Echeverry on January

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I am going to marry! We will continue the club tour. I will laugh. I will surely cry. I will be surprised. I will live new experiences. I proposed many things for this silly things and others not so silly. What do you want? I love them. Happy New Year!

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