Evaluna’S Height

How tall is Evaluna Montaner really??

Evaluna Mercedes Reglero Rodríguez, better known as Evaluna Montaner, is a Venezuelan actress and singer.

Camilo’s wife continues to think about his successes and achievements, making it clear that talent and beauty have nothing to do with height.

Evaluna is the smallest of the Montaner family and her height has always attracted the attention of Internet users who wonder.

Although some internet portals record that Evaluna measures 1 meter 64 centimeters, the artist herself has revealed that her true.

How tall is Evaluna Montaner?? The singer revealed her true height – europareportage.eu

As Evaluna came to confess in the past -and looking at the photo we could say she did not lie-, she is meters tall, so it surprised even.

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How tall is Evaluna Montaner??