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15 Exotic Makeup Styles You Have To Try; they are weird but they look amazing If you are a creative girl and would like.

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This makeup is based on the Arab woman, a woman with a beautiful and exotic nature who has large and beautiful slanted eyes. They use.

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In this way, we will have to place two strips of zeal on the diagonal of the outer end of our eyes, so that, once the result is achieved with our eye shadows, we remove it and the eyes are perfectly marked towards the top. Thus achieving a spectacular result without having to worry about staining our faces with the powder of the shadows. Stretched yes but without going over. There are many highlighters on the market, but if you want a good recommendation, I would choose one like Max Factor N since for just five euros you will get a good result.

As in the photo, nothing happens if we reach the adhesive tape that in fact marks the limit to which we can go. Apply with a brush or medium brush so that it is well blended. After this, we will have to remove the strips of the zeal and we will see how the makeup has been perfectly marked upwards and helping the eyes to look slightly torn. Look at the result that I show you in the photo. On this occasion, we will have to put on the false eyelashes first.

For this, it is important that you use a quality glue if you do not want them to come off at any time. Take them with tweezers and put a thin strip of glue on the root of the eyelash and let it dry for a few seconds. Curl your lashes along with the false ones and apply black mascara.

Next, we will apply the base powder to the rest of the face and on top of these the chocolate blush. You can choose a type of shadow makeup like what you see above. What we have to do is blur the shadow in gold and reddish with the black eyeliner. It looks like a kind of semicircle or "S" with some small dots in some of them.

Simply spectacular. It is somewhat complicated to do if we are in a hurry. You must have patience and a good mirror and if you do not see yourself with the pulse for it, you can ask a friend or someone from the family to do your makeup for you. Another makeup can be this with a greater variety of shadows. Another proposal in which the eyes are the center of makeup.

On the one hand, the shade in ocher or reddish, the dark or black shade and the golden shade. The three combined provide a spectacular depth to the look. The first thing is to apply the golden shadow, followed by the dark one that goes on top, and then the ocher color.

They are two shades that combine very well with black and gold, which seem to be essential shades for this type of makeup. Then we outline the eye below the shadow and a good mascara. If you do not like to create the smoky effect of the shadows, you can help yourself with a lot of mascara both above and below and make a black line on the line of the eye finished in a peak that marks the look a lot.

In this case, he puts crystals on the skin and on the eyelashes themselves. It may interest you:.