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10 Types Of Eye Makeup For Every Occasion

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To start, paint the upper, lower and inner eye line black. You can do it with eyeliner or eyeliner. Then blur these lines with a cotton swab. Next, apply the black eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid and blend the contours with a medium brush and loose hair.

You just have to mark the upper line of the eye from side to side. Cat eyes or cat eyeliner. To finish, make a corner to the outside and up. If you dare, you can also draw another line under the first tail to make a double cat eye. Then, on the lower eyelid, make a line outside the eye, but only on the outside, to join it to the line above, without painting the tear duct.

For a finishing touch, you can add light or silver shadow to the tear duct. Pin-up style: this kind of 20’s eyeliner came back with a bang a few years ago and it doesn’t seem to go out of style. To achieve this, it is necessary to mark the upper and lower eyelids with a thick line and unite them, both at the tear duct and at the end of the eye. This trend deserves a special mention, since it breaks the prototypes that were successful until now.

It is based on a geometric outline, inspired by the 60s, which consists of outlining the upper lines of the mobile eyelid. Another trend is to create the lines in the corners of the eyes, but without filling them. The result is daring, flashy and risky, but it can be a success well combined and used in the indicated event.

Of course, we recommend that the rest of your makeup be very simple, with discreet lipsticks so as not to overload the face and let your eyes stand out. Colored Shadows Yes, we know that colored shadows were always used.

Betting everything on a single color can be a success if you know how to combine it with your wardrobe, eye color or hair. Bordeaux, brown or gray. Do not hesitate to put mascara on your eyelashes and a black eyeliner that frames the eye. Without a doubt, it is a very daring and fantasy makeup. Glossy eyes If years ago matte was the king finish in most make-ups, glossy eyes do away with this pattern, becoming one of the star trends.

It is usually combined with the color black, which is used on the upper eyelid in a natural and simple way. Meanwhile, the white is applied to the water line under the eye and tear area. Nude eyes This type of makeup is very natural and perfect for day to day, for work or when you do not want it to be noticed that you are wearing makeup.

You can opt for a simple and fine outline and apply a nude shadow. You can even apply the powder you use to make up the rest of the rest on the outside of your eyelids.