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If you are over 35 years old, this is how you should make up your eyes

Products, Step by Step, Trends and Tricks. The eyes, both for shadows and for eyeliner, require some skill when it comes to makeup.

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that we have been able to make smoked eyes or smoked eyes, we will add as a last step a silver shadow with.

Below is the step-by-step guide. How to prepare the eyes before applying the shadow so that it stays? “Prepare the eyelids with a.

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The eyes. Makeup artists insist on prepping the eyelid with a primer."Unifies skin tone, enhances color and fixes shadows.

Eye makeup – trends – know now

– For a daytime look, apply a dark shadow to the beginning and end of the eye and fill in the part with a light shadow, if possible, pearly.

The preparation of the skin is the basis of makeup

Step-by-step guide to make up green eyes 1. If you go for a dazzling color, you can use Catrice Precious Pigments Purple Fiction eyeshadow. Light shade Add a touch of light to your eyes. Line your eyes Apply a liquid eyeliner above your upper lashes, extend the line outwards and bring it up.

Or also, with an Essence Make me brown brow powder and, finally, comb them to make them look defined. Knowing how to make up green eyes for night events is a plus to complement our gala outfit. Select a dark toned eyeshadow palette.

Apply a beige transition shadow. Use a matte dark brown depth shade. For the shadow of the tear area, use light satin tones or those that contain glitter, they can also be golden. Frame the bone under the brow with a silver eyeshadow or a dab of white concealer. Share on social networks:.

How to Apply Shadows Super Easy!