Eyeliner Droopy Eyelid

Eyeliner on a droopy eyelid? Yes, with the right technique

If you opt for a thick eyeliner, you would only be able to hide your mobile eyelid even more. 6. mascara. eyelid makeup.

The hooded or droopy eyelid is more complicated to delineate, Delineating the eyes is one of those makeup techniques that follow.

Emilio Vitolo Jr

To lift the droopy eyelid it is important that, when you make your design, you do not reach the corner of the eye with the tail of the cat eye.

The eyebrows are the frame of our eyes, therefore, they can help or worsen the effect of the droopy eyelid. Straight, slightly upturned eyebrows.

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The hooded or droopy eyelid is more complicated to delineate, Delineating the eyes is one of those makeup techniques that follow.

This means that, when opening the eye, the mobile eyelid is not appreciated. It happens because the fixed eyelid falls above and covers the space of the fold. If we overdo it, it would join the crease of the eye and give a smoky eye effect. My advice is that we make a fine outline. You have to wear it very close to the eyelash, well glued, filling the gaps between hair and hair, to define the look.

We adapt the length of the corner to what we want to achieve, always counting on the space that our eye allows us. Create the bottom line from the point to the start of the eye the end of the eye. To close it, do the same from the point to the eye by drawing a straight line. Identity Beauty. For the outline to be perfect, first apply a skin-colored eyeshadow. That is, in the eye, below the eyelashes, very close to them, covering the base of the eyelash.

Thus we will already be marking an internal line. To connect the bottom with the lower lashes, we use a bit of brown eyeshadow. With it we are going to create the base on which we are going to put the eyeliner. With this shadow we make up the lower lashes from the center of the eye, very close to the lashes. Always with the same shadow, following the lower water line, we draw a straight line, as a continuation of our lower water line.

We blur it a bit. We connect it with the upper lashes and continue blurring. This way we are going to create that optical effect in which the fold is not going to be appreciated. Now yes, we take the gel eyeliner and a beveled brush. At the level of the upper lashes, we mark a very fine line between the lashes. We connect it with what we have been doing on the outside of the eye with the brown shadow.

With this marker, we are going to define the entire eye line following the guide that we have been marking before with the shadow and the gel eyeliner. Ultra-fine, waterproof eyeliner. Price: 31.99 euros, only at Sephora. Outer Space Eyeliner by Identy Beauty.

Price: 16 euros. Waterproof and highly accurate thanks to its fine tip design. Sonia Marina Black Stroke Eyeliner. Price: 25 euros. Long-wearing, waterproof liquid eyeliner with a matte finish. Epic Wear Liner by Nyx Cosmetics. Price: €9.95.