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Families are part of our lives from the time we are born until we die. If the idea of ​​getting a family tattoo convinces you.

The best small tattoos for women for the ankle, wrist or arm. However, there are certain images that already in themselves have a.

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**Small and pretty** tattoos for women + MEANING –

with super creative tattoo of the family tree with the names of each member of the family. with the infinity symbol tattoo and.

We are the ones who give meaning to things based on our experiences and beliefs. But since we cannot enter the mind of each of the readers, we have made a selection of small tattoos with meaning that are highly requested among women. The four-leaf clover is an unequivocal symbol of luck. Wearing a clover of this type is the wish that luck accompany us in our lives, that we never lack.

Flowers are a symbol of life, vitality or rebirth. Formerly, certain flowers were used that were placed at the entrances of houses as a symbol of protection. The Greeks used them as a symbol of fertility and they are not only beautiful tattoos, but they are a living song to life, to the desire to be reborn and to personal growth. They represent the dreams, the goals we want to achieve, the imagination.

Above we are seeing a very special tattoo. It is the tattoo of the brave, those who know that there are good and bad moments, of action and recess, but that you always have to get back up after each fall. I’m taking a break, okay. I regain strength and to the mess again. Adapt or die. The delta symbol means change. If life sometimes stagnates, we also know that everything is cycles.

Some cycles open and other cycles end and that, after each end, a new beginning is hidden. This is what comes to symbolize this tattoo of the Viking rune Inguz. The small tattoo for very big women in bravery and courage. To succeed you have to face setbacks. Malin is your tattoo then. Symbol of good luck and knowledge, owls have that halo of mystery, night and magic. However, there are different ways to represent them.

Within that conception, the date of birth of our children and we even engrave their faces on our skin. For many of us, our pets are part of the family and tattooing their figure is a way of always carrying them with us. In this case it is a small tattoo but with a great emotional charge. Ballet shoes that represent all the passion we feel for the art of dance.

A small, original and very beautiful tattoo. Another small and original tattoo for women is the bow. This bow can be accompanied by a heart and a key. In both cases, the bow symbolizes union and commitment. If you like dragons, with this original tattoo for women you can capture it on your wrist or in another corner of your skin. The bee has all positive meanings: love, work, wisdom and endless good adjectives, among which its ability to cooperate and be successful stands out.

There is a lot of symbology about the sun and there are many ways to draw them. Small tattoos for pretty women None of the tattoos we have seen are ugly. But if you are looking for one that draws attention for its beauty, let’s see what there is. Its shape conditions us on many occasions. A moon that represents daydreaming, wishes, surrounded by small stars, which are the objectives to be fulfilled.

A nice little tattoo to see at all hours of the day. The situation of this tattoo is unbeatable, a very subtle flower, created by soft strokes that create that atmosphere of fragility and elegance. A nice little tattoo to show off on your hands. A nice tattoo that represents a beautiful image of a mother hugging her offspring. And this long-tailed fish coming out of the sea is also gorgeous. Small tattoos for women for couples A nice way to express the love we feel, small hearts that individually do not have a defined meaning, however, when both come together, they create a whole.

A perfect heart, destined to be eternal, the love that is not understood without each other. Most of the tattoos for couples do, how could it be otherwise, allude to the love they feel for each other. And we see it in this small tattoo for couples in the form of crowns, one for the boy and one for his girl.

Therefore, a tattoo for friends is the best way to honor our other half. See what small tattoos for women for friends we have found. When we talk about friendship and tattoos, we talk about a very original way of sealing that union or lasting feeling over time. That person who supports you in the bad times and enjoys the good ones.

A lasting friendship over time that can be represented as an alliance, as we see in the image above. A symbol of union capable of overcoming the bad and the worst moments. Spectacular we think this funny couple of kittens. Or the messenger birds of friendship. The ones flying towards the other. look to see these. For example, a landscape of mountains. This small tattoo for women for book arms is also very beautiful.

Or this beautiful flower with such bright colors. This tattoo is original and fun. Small wrist tattoos for women A super sexy area of ​​the female anatomy is the wrist. Yes, although it is hard for us to believe it, that part of your body so apparently innocent is charming and very flirty. Therefore, it is the ideal place to make a tattoo. These are our proposals. And if you wish, you can add your name or that of your favorite person. The same applies if the love of your life is a pet.

The dove is a symbol of peace. And it is also a beautiful animal that looks great in a tattoo on the wrist. It is a trend to tattoo the red thread of destiny on the wrist. For travelers, lovers of geography or citizens of the world, a tattoo of the continents can be an adventure on the skin itself.

You can tattoo precious anklets like these. Ankle tattoos are very popular among women who often choose to wear a rose on their skin. Small tattoos for women with names The name of your love, your children, your pets or your mother. Sometimes we want to shout to the world that name that makes us vibrate every time we hear it and that we always carry in our hearts.

And what better way to do it than to wear it on your skin. See what small tattoos for women with names you can get. Your names accompanied by two little flowers is another idea for a small tattoo for women. A tribute to your family. Look what a beauty of tattoo with intertwined hearts and names.

A seahorse can be a sensational option as a tattoo, a symbol that can represent a multitude of meanings in itself. ANNOUNCEMENT See also Infinity tattoos — Photos and Meaning At the same time, an interesting fact to keep in mind is that this infinity symbol can be combined with the name of the person and that it is part of the same infinity. An infinity full of love that looks like a promise tattooed on the skin. Small tattoos for women: Phrases A small phrase can condense a great message for the bearer of the tattoo in each of its letters or words, so it is not a bad idea to look for the best phrase and shorten it to carry an eternal reminder.

No two tattoos are exactly alike. It is important to make sure that the tattoo says what you really want, so before taking it to the tattoo artist, it would be ideal if you could ask someone who really knows what it means. You can make a crown and put the name of a person or you can make the crown and complete the tattoo with a phrase. ANNOUNCEMENT The areas in which these crowns are placed are very varied, but there is a certain predominance for doing it on the clavicles or the neckline, as on the wrists.

There are many possible options like this little heart that could pass for a mole in the distance, a little big, yes, but it is not at all ornate. We also find this different but very striking design, a heart that seems to be full of gears that can have their own meanings. These can be done on the wrists or on the bottom of the fingers so they show when you open them.

Considering a tattoo as an artistic expression has been the impetus for the development of new techniques, designs and colors in the world of tattoos. We girls tend to lean towards small and delicate tattoos, to place in very localized and somewhat more discreet places such as the wrists, ankles, the nape, etc.

But let’s focus on seeing the best small tattoos for women. On the other hand, we can also find geometric figures that form other drawings. From rhinos to flamingos, all of them created with cubes and circles. We can make them very small, even large with many details. It is not seen too much and it is a sign that both can share and thus remember the moments together.

Although it may have a different meaning for each person, the arrows indicate a direction or direction. You can also give it a raiki touch with some colors, since we are going to see this trend a lot this year as well.