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7 Women’s Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2022

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Beyoncé, Kate Middleton or Harry Styles: these are the most influential celebrities in fashion. They have inspired with their outfits and have.

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FASHION likes talking about this. A lifestyle.

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Total Looks Yes, dress all the same color. Neutral colors give an elegant and subtle air. Bermuda shorts, these comfortable shorts end just above the knee, helping women stay cool without feeling too exposed.

Summer sports style Women’s fashion trends Bohemian 70s We see seventies airs in the summer in the most hippie chic look. In it, garments stand out such as: Vaporous dress in floral prints, high-waisted pants or pleated maxi skirts. The volume is established around the arms.

Either on top of them in the form of puffed sleeves or as shoulder pads. Urban and informal looks with garments made entirely of denim. Within this style you will find garments such as jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses and miniskirts and jackets.

Total Denim summer Women’s fashion trends Mix of colors and prints A very avant-garde and striking proposal. The garments will be used combining different color blocks or combining different prints. There are so many cow fashion prints, tribal prints, flowers, stripes, polka dots… summer mix prints Women’s fashion trends Working girl The most formal and elegant outfits to go to work. As a bonus, we will add a thin belt over the blazer and shorts instead of pleated pants.

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