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7 Easy Trendy Braids For You To Wear One Every Day Of The Week

If what you want is to achieve a carefree, casual and relaxed hairstyle, braids are the best option. Without a doubt, they have been.

We have this braid guide for you so that you know the trends and the types of braids that you can do in your hair and the combinations that you can.

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From undone and carefree braids to elegant updos. Let’s see some looks. For the most natural ones, there are undone and informal braids. That.

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Ash blonde: the trendy hair color. Braids are a safe bet to give your hair a different touch and get out of the routine of.

If you always have the dilemma of not knowing how to accommodate your hair when doing your daily activities, learn how to make these 7 fashionable braids so that you can wear a different one every day of the week. Start by separating your hair into three parts and move the strand from the right to the middle part, then the strand from the left to the center and so on.

Tuesday Wednesday Modern braid hairstyles look great for any occasion, whether you want to look formal or relaxed at home. The procedure of this look is done using only two strands on each side of your face. It begins to braid for each right and left area, but from the root of the hair, you take a strand little by little until you reach the tip of your hair.

Apply some fixative at the end so that it stays all day. Thursday This mode of braid is quite popular and is French style. Brush your hair from the middle to the side and start by taking a good amount of hair from the crown part and divide it into three equal sections. Start braiding, crossing the right strand towards the center and then the left in the same way. Hold with a rubber band so that your work of art does not fall apart. It is important that you keep your hair clean, preferably use a paraben-free shampoo.

Gather your hair in a ponytail and divide it into two equal sections, start twisting in the same direction, either left or right. Once they are well screwed, intertwine both parts with each other towards the opposite side. Add fun accessories such as headbands, barrettes, colorful hair clips to spice up each of your hairstyles. Put all your creativity into your hair every day and learn how to make yourself fun looks.

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