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The 46 Best Animation Series 2022

What are the drawings that are fashionable. But, still among the top 10, this year you will also captivate your customers with the products of the.

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Fashions change, children’s tastes too. So that you are up to date with the new trends, today we are going to help you discover what they are.

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What is the best contemporary cartoon series? – Jot Down Cultural Magazine

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The Infinity Train

And it is that, for a long time, watching animated series has ceased to be geek, to become mainstream. Now being a geek is cool and animation on TV has skyrocketed. Now, like the puzzles, the cartoons go from 0 to 99 years. That yes, not all have the same success, nor are all worthy of entering the ranking of the best of Initially planned to be a movie, its creators decided to share the story and turn it into an animated series.

The Infinity Train tells the story of Tulip, a 12-year-old girl who travels on a train with her two-in-one robot. Each car gives you access to a totally different and surreal universe. Tulip’s main goal is to get off the train and get home.

In it, a detective was trying to find Carmen around the world. For that, questions about geography were presented to the players. The game was in the popular imagination and the first drawing was created. In , Netflix launched this series of the franchise with the voice of Gina Rodríguez as Carmen. On this occasion, he is going to take his brother Tim to the office to teach him how to handle business.

Once upon a time… The Human Body The mythical series with which a very large generation has grown up and discovered the functioning of the human body, which dates back to , returns to the screen through Netflix to continue offering knowledge to new generations. The Bottom Three Two young alien royalty have crashed their ship on Earth but have to learn to blend in with the humans so as not to be captured by bounty hunters.

On Netflix you can find the first season of this series. Disenchantment The creators of the Simpsons take us to Utopia to tell us about the adventures of Bean, a rebellious and rude heiress princess who befriends her demon named Luci and a goblin named Elfo. Big Mouth A group of teenage friends share their experiences of puberty, the changes and the problems they face.

A comedy with touches of black humor that already has a second season after the success of the first. Hilda Netflix’s new animated production tells the story of a blue-haired girl named Hilda. He also makes two new friends: Frida and David. We are Bears Three bears who fight against their instincts to insert themselves into human society by imitating their behavior.

This premise provides the best foundation for a series that focuses on building hilarious situations. We Are Bears debuted in and follows the story of Panda, Brown, and Ice Bear, three adopted bear brothers who live in California. F is for Family A series that takes us back to the 70s to see how a family behaved at the time, when you could smoke everywhere, carrying a gun at the airport was not a problem and it was totally normal to hit your child.

So much so, that he is capable of defeating anyone with a single blow. After preventing the Earth from being invaded, it is others who take the honors. The plot of the second season resumes Saitama’s life after this event and with his desire to be a recognized hero intact. Kakegurui One of the great surprises of the year. Kakegurui gets into the bowels of an elitist and strange private academy called Hyakkao. or almost always. Her motivation is none other than the rush that even her life gives her, because money is the least important for her.

Obviously, the life expectancy of men is not very high, but that does not stop them. So much so that they have given him his own series, yes, animated. Something that has applauded, and a lot, their fans. It consists of five chapters and is very worthwhile. The story goes to a dystopian future where 15-year-old Aiko Tachibana has a complicated revelation about her origin.

B: The Beginning The creators of Ghost in the Shell return with this story for adults, in which the science of the future searches for perfect humans. and they get it. Kazuto Nakazawa, who has worked on Samurai Champloo and the animated parts of Kill Bill, is directing. Behind him, the Production I studio. Batman Ninja Surprising bet that has turned out better than anyone expected. A reinvented Batman who continues to apply justice but, in this case, changing Gotham for Japan.

With a clearly Japanese aesthetic, Batman Ninja is a review of the steampunk genre. Oh, and Harley Quinn too. In a world where demons dominate society, unknown to most humans, Akira Fudo emerges. Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya No joke. I am She-Ra ». Dreamworks together with Netflix launched in a reboot of this design that has been in the minds of many adults for years.

Operation Big Hero: The Series The movie Operation Big Hero was a huge box office success when it premiered in and even won the Oscar for best animation at Disney decided to produce the animated series of the same name continuing the story of Hiro Hamada and the robot Baymax. The series offered its second season in and has already been confirmed for a third that we will see in The streaming company has managed to get the creator of The Simpsons to make them a series.

All in a fantasy world where witches, trolls, goblins, ogres and other mythological beings cohabit. From The Simpsons, part of the team has been brought. when they were cool. This adorable Disney series has had four seasons, ending its story in but it remains one of the best animated series for Star’s parents decide to send her to planet Earth on a student exchange program.

Of course, she is not a Disney princess to use. Star likes to find problems, solve them, and fight monstrous villains just for fun. A series for all ages and also a cult series among teenagers. American Dad FOX is the great animation channel, without being an animation channel. American Dad has already accumulated 14 seasons bringing out the colors of US society in general, and its leaders in particular. From the hand of Stan Smith and his family, and the special collaboration of Roger, the alien, each chapter shows the absurd day to day of a random family in the United States.

Irreverent like few others, it has bordered on cancellation on many occasions. Her criticism of US politics and organizations such as the Armed Forces or Veterans have earned her much criticism. The Mighty B! Bessie Higgenbottom is a 10-year-old girl with her priorities in life very clear. The first, to be a perfect Bee scout. It should be noted that the voice of Bessie is put by Amy Poehler, who is also a co-creator of the animated series. Family Guy Few animated characters would live up to Homer Simpson.

However, no one doubts that Peter Griffin is one of them. His characters are known all over the world and many of his expressions and taglines are already used on a regular basis. Especially delicious is Quagmire’s Take, Take, Take, Take… Not too long ago, they entered the dangerous world of killing a main character.

The character was resurrected in a series in which it is not usual for people to be resurrected. Ordinary Stories Mordecai and Rigby are not your ordinary jay and raccoon. Both are friends, very, very lazy and, in their spare time, they fight interdimensional battles. Current Stories is one of the great balls of Cartoon Network. There are not a few parents who see her with their children. Conceived as a sitcom, this animated fiction tells the daily life of the Belcher family, owner of a hamburger restaurant.

Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise are the essential part of a routine that is never such. Two Emmys attest to this. Team Umizoomi Series aimed at preschoolers and which has been successful worldwide for seven years. Ben Alien Force Ben Tennyson has already turned 15 years old and has been using the power of the Omnitrix for five years.

But this time, Earth is in grave danger: aliens with powers never seen before. Dora and her friends: In the city Dora has also grown. After destroying Dora, the Explorer, now he does it with Dora and her friends: In the city. If you are one of those who does not understand Dora’s success, you only have to put a chapter on a little one between 1 and 8 years old and see how it hypnotizes him.

That’s it or TV gold. The Powerpuff Girls Petal, Bubble and Cactus dominated the global animated scene of a To the disappointment of their millions of fans, not all children, their show was canceled and they disappeared. Everyone had a favorite and we all knew The Powerpuff Girls. Yes, the spirit of Jesse Pinkman lives on in this character. Son of Zorn Son of Zorn was one of FOX’s great and innovative bets for the fall and, despite its quality, it has not had the expected support. The plot centers on Zorn, who changes the Pacific island where he lives in the wild, for an office in California.

All for being close to his son, Alangulón, and his ex-wife, now engaged to another man. Nothing weird, a priori, except that Zorn is a cartoon in the real world. The metahumor, the plots and some points have been memorable.