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The Makeup Trends That Will Dominate 2022

November 4, Woman with blue eyeshadow in water Here are the keys to be fashionable in makeup this winter.

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Soft glow skin · Multicolored shadows · Lots of shine · Bold outlines · Natural eyebrows · Bronze and blush · Colo Mauve · Powerful lips.

Christmas makeup –

MAKEUP TRENDS BABY SKIN: Make your skin look radiantly new GRAPHIC LINER: A different way to express yourself in makeup LIPS.


Courtesy Carolina Bernal Look radiant this Christmas night with this makeup. We will start by placing a transition color in our eye socket. We will place gold color later, which is the color by tradition on this date.

It is an elegant tone and high luminosity is perfect with the celebrations. If it is the first time that they use this type of lower eyeliner to add color, it is perfect and over time they will want to use it in all their makeup. So the idea is to give our eyes a lot of expression through small touches of color and eyeliner. The lash and false eyelashes are also important in this trend.

The luminous blush is also one of the must-haves at Christmas. You can add some points of light with the illuminator in the tear duct, the tip of our nose and under our eyebrow. To achieve better fixation remember to always use waterproof fixing spray. Red is a traditional Christmas color and we can also use it in our makeup. Remember as always to prepare the skin very well. For this look we are going to use the guide line technique that will make it easier for us to make the lines without having to retouch the edge every so often.

We are going to start by tracing an outline in red or red wine. The idea is to wear them on the tape to give us the cat’s eye effect. Now, with a nude color we must blur the edges of the outline. To complete this look you can place glitter powder pigment in front of the eye or you can also use glitter.

Finish by making a thin black cat line that will serve to place the false eyelashes. Also in some parts of the world, the predominant colors are cool ones such as metallic blues, silver and, of course, white. In this look we are going to recreate Christmas in the style of the northern hemisphere. Preparing the skin is always important no matter what color you are going to put on it.

For the transition color I’m using a cool pink shade. This will help us smooth out the corners in the following steps. The style I chose is a halo eye. For this I chose a blue tone that I placed in the initial and final part of the eye. For the central part I chose a silver tone. To finish I used blush and a few dots of highlighter that will go perfectly with our makeup. I also used false eyelashes and a very subtle pink gloss on my lips.