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The mini skirt is in fashion. Learn how celebrities like Selena Gómez wear them and discover how to combine a miniskirt. With boots, heels.

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Mini skirts are one of the most seductive pieces of clothing you can wear, especially if you love to show off your legs. With these looks with fashionable miniskirts you.

The miniskirt index: how its length indicates the level of optimism

23 On-Trend Mini Skirts You Can Shop For Spring Summer At The Hip Claim Their Place At Paris Fashion Week.

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The catwalks are betting again on the short skirt, in the big chains different options are piled up and interest skyrockets on the web. Guests at a Mary Quant fashion show in the 1960s. All of them wear the star garment of the house, the miniskirt.

But now he is at ease in any online store. In large chains such as Zara it has become strong, in the flagship brand of Inditex there are different models for sale at the moment. In the luxury multi-brand Net-a-porter, In denim, with ruffles, crossed, asymmetrical, draped, asymmetrical or with flossing details at the waist. Anything goes, if it’s short. Printed mini skirt with asymmetrical length in Sézane. Photo: dr The rage could be explained because teaching meat is once again a claim for fashion.

Sex sells again never stopped doing it, but now, they say, it does so under a gaze that is no longer sexist and the very short skirt fits this demand. In the volume, the economist echoes a theory formulated a couple of years earlier by fellow economist George Taylor, Hemline Index, something like the hemline index, which came to relate the optimism of the markets to the length of the skirt Women’s.

Since then this conjecture has been tirelessly cited: in good times, skirts are shortened. In the twenties of the last century, skirts were shortened to respond to the demand of the women of the time, who were transformed after the First World War. Photo: getty images In fact, Taylor wrote a study on the increase in the demand for stockings and related it to the shortening of skirts.

When women didn’t have money to buy silk stockings, a luxury item a century ago, they wore long skirts that covered their legs. With their pockets full, however, they had no qualms about spending on that delicate garment. But Taylor’s assumption has continued to be confirmed over the decades and the demise of stockings. But the crash of 1929 imposed rational and austere cuts that were maintained until the arrival of Dior’s New Look in After the rage of the sixties came the seventies and their economic crisis to prove Taylor right again, with her long dresses, and the bonanza or debauchery of the eighties, when the skirt was shortened to the width of a belt.

Massiel’s miniskirt at Eurovision, in , anticipated years of economic boom. Photo: getty images In the year two economists from the University of Rotterdam wanted to return to what was already an urban legend and did a study analyzing the hem of dresses from to They found a correlation between the economic cycle and skirts, but also that it was the economy was three years ahead: after an economic crisis the skirt was lengthened and when the situation improved, it was shortened.

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