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These Are The 10 Nail Trends You’ll See This Summer

summer spring nail trends One of the most fashionable shades of this summer is going to be lavender, especially the shades.

french manicure. Simple, discreet and traditional, this type of manicure never goes out of style. In addition, it is suitable for all times of the year.

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The 10 best nail trends this summer | super honest

We start this list with a color that never goes out of style. Black is still a classic among the fall nail trends

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Black, a classic in winter 2022-2022 nails

Although there are always colors that are maintained from one season to another, this winter’s nails bring their own particularities. In this sense, cosmetic companies have been working for years on products that are free of harmful elements and that in some way harm the health of the nails.

Poor quality products can cause them to crack or appear dull. It’s probably the color that never goes out of style. It is a color that, far from risking, bets on the safe side and looks good with any type of manicure and with the length you prefer. Among the shades of enamel that this autumn winter brings us, we can find cobalt blue or blue with green tones.

Without a doubt, blue is one of the winning combinations if you know how to choose an appropriate outfit for its different shades. Surely you have already seen influencers and celebrities wearing it, and its creamy tones continue to stand out on all types of nails. If you opt for it, you can try experimenting with nude tones, which are the ones that create a nail effect without makeup.

Experiment and find yours. The rainbow French manicure uses nude or pink tones as a base to color the surface of the nail. This autumn-winter we will find shades such as olive green or neon green, which bring a lot of light to the skin.

Yellow, the winter nail color of celebrities Yellow is a nail color that sets the trend among celebrities, but with which it is difficult to dare compared to the other options on this list. Llanos Esmeralda Garcia Journalist from Albacete.