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A year ago Dominic and Brian were pardoned and were able to return to the United States. After their arrival they want to adapt to their new life within the legality, but things are not so easy. Dom wants to get closer to Letty and Brian.

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Cast[edit] Vin Diesel is Dominic "Sun" Toretto. Paul Walker † is Brian O’Conner. Dwayne Johnson is Luke Hobbs. Michelle Rodriguez is Leticia "Letty".

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Cast[edit] Vin Diesel is Dominic "Sun" Toretto. Paul Walker † is Brian O’Conner. Dwayne Johnson is Luke Hobbs. Michelle Rodriguez is Leticia "Letty".

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Actors and actresses ; Vin Diesel. Character: Dominic Toretto; Paul Walker. Character: Brian O’Conner; Jason Statham. Character: Deckard Shaw; Michelle.

Paul Walker’s emotional last scene in Fast and Furious 7

Fast and furious 7 (Furious 7 / Fast & Furious 7) is an American film directed by James Wan and written by Chris Morgan and.

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Paul Walker’s death

While this is happening, Brian tries to adjust to a normal life with his family and Dom tries to help Letty recover her memories, however she does not succeed. Now, agent Luke was with his teammate Elena in the office, but when he returned after delivering a letter to her, he realized that Deckard Shaw, Shaw’s brother, was downloading the files of Dom and his group. In the end he fails to prevent it and Luke is injured after an explosion in his office.

They arrive in Tokyo and Toretto recovers a photo of Gisele, Letty’s necklace and Han’s body, returning to see the group commemorating their fallen friend. However, the culprit is there and makes Dom crash his car into him in a race. Agents sent by Hobbs arrive on the scene and offer Dom a deal, in exchange for helping him find the killer they must help them find an artifact called the Eye of God. The battle begins and Hobbs, seeing the news, decides to go and help, in the end Toretto manages to defeat Deckard although it almost costs him his life, and Letty manages to recover her memories of her and Dom.

Initially this character was resting from his previous adventure, but Shaw’s older brother seeks revenge and Dom must make a deal in order to find him and lock him up. Finally Brian manages to return with his son and Mia, and this character ends with scenes presented at the end of the film where his evolution in the franchise is seen, and a farewell to the actor who played him.

Luke Hobbs The special agent does not have as much participation as in the previous film, however it is thanks to this character that Dom finds out about Shaw. Initially he was in his office reviewing new cases, until he is interrupted by an unexpected visitor, Shaw’s older brother is there looking for information on Toretto to get revenge. Letty Ortiz This character still has amnesia, so she can’t remember Dom and is therefore frustrated.

However, she decides to accompany them and help recover Han’s body resulting in almost ending the film, Letty remembers her secret wedding with Dom when she thinks that he dies when being crushed by a wall.

Mose Jakande This character is considered a villain in the film, and he is the one who wants to obtain the eye of God in order to control the information of any person, however he is stopped by Toretto’s group. This is why she is seen at the beginning and at the end of the film with Brian, along with his son Jack. Megan Ramsey This character who appears for the first time in the franchise, is considered a skilled hacker, creator of a program that locates any character through an online program called Ojo de Dios.

Because of this, she is kidnapped by Jakande in order to control the tool however she is saved by Toretto’s group in the end. Nobody This character is sent by Hoobs when he was in the hospital, and is considered a reinforcement. Elena Neves Dom’s former girlfriend who now takes care of helping Luke as his partner at the agency.

In the end Hoobs decides to cover his body with hers, to protect her from the impact of the fall after an explosion in the office. Cast This time the usual group of the film appears, except for a few. However, there are other new actors who participate in the next installment or who only appear this time, which is why the roles in which they were involved are detailed below.

Due to his passing in the middle of filming the , some scenes had to be completed with his brothers Cody and Caleb Walker, who helped finish the film. Now, another detail is that at the end of the film there is a message that commemorates Paul, and the work he did during the years as Brian. Jason Statham: This English actor plays Deckard Shaw. Kurt Russell: This actor plays the agent Mr. Ronda Rousey: This actress plays the bodyguard of the prince, Kara.

Now, there are actors who have a small cameo, that is, a small appearance either in a short scene or flashback, and therefore they will only be named: Lucas Black: Challenge actor in Tokyo, who gives life to the character Sean Boswell. Bow Wow: Actor who plays Twinkie in the movie challenge in Tokyo. Nathalie Kelley: Plays Neela. Sung Kang: Actor who plays Han in the previous films, but due to the character’s death, he only has a small part in this film.

Cars This section only describes the cars that were driven by the main characters of the film. Its characteristics is to be a fifth generation minivan, and it has three variations of gasoline engines. McLaren MPC: This car model of the , is driven by Brian in the movie and is considered a sports vehicle due to its manufacturing characteristics. That said, he is capable of going from zero to one hundred in 3. Plymouth Road Runner: This ’70s model car is driven in two color variations of orange and silver by Dom.

The car generates CV so it reaches from zero to one hundred in 2. It has two doors, and is the fourth generation car of this brand. This car is two-door and is a version that moves away from the image of the Valiant car. Maserati Ghibli S: This model car from the , has the characteristics of four doors and is a luxury car, which in this case is driven in two variations by Deckard, that is, in white and gray.

It is a first generation vehicle and is considered a two-door coupe, with a 4-speed gearbox. Bugatti Veyron Ferrari Italia: It is a model used in F1 driven by Tej, and it is also a sub sports car. Likewise, it is considered sporty and a two-door coupe. As for its characteristics, it is a tourism car and it can reach the power of CV. Nissan Z: Model of and used in the movie by D.

And some of its characteristics is that they existed with turbo and without it, although they were only sold in Japan, and it is capable of reaching a power of CV. The premature death of one of its stars, Paul Walker. After discussions between writers and directors, it was to continue and try to give Paul’s character, Brian, an outlet that would be consistent with the saga. That said, on April 1, the filming was resumed with the support of doubles, CGI technology and voice effects that would complement the scenes recorded by Paul.

And although it seems incredible, a physicist assures that it is possible to perform the scene in real life. According to him, the distance in the film is from a jump from meters high to meters, that is, they fall from the Etihad Tower 2 and land on the Etihad Tower 3. Criticism This film is not like the others that have been released by this franchise, since its premiere represents a legacy and a feeling of loss of one of its main stars, Paul Walker.

That said, there are opinions of this film such as that of Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, who assures that it is the best film produced by the brand and that the heart and effort put in by the cast is evident, to commemorate the work of his partner in job. Scott The New York Times, who describes the ending as a poignant scene and one that shows the real roots of this film, showing the true meaning of family behind those expensive cars and all the noise it can make.

But Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair assures that the film does justice to its fallen star and that until the end of it, it is not seen as a fact that truly overshadows. Now you only see chases on roofs and the abandoned streets.

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