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What You Need To Know To Understand ‘Fast And Furious 8’

Ex-con Dominic Toretto teams up with his old adversary, Brian O’Conner, now working for the FBI in Los Angeles, to infiltrate a criminal organization smuggling heroin into the city.

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Fast and Furious has been one of the favorite sagas among car fans. Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel’s character.

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Vin Diesel – Dominic Toretto · Michelle Rodriguez – Letty Ortiz · Jordana Brewster – Mia Toretto · Tyrese Gibson – Roman Pearce · Chris ‘Ludacris’.

Charlize Theron will be the bad girl in Fast and Furious 8 – Prensa Libre


Premiere of Fast and Furious 9 in Mexico

Although these films contain chases and illegal races, several things must be clear about their story and characters. Now let’s get down to business. Toretto and the team considered her dead, which left Toretto without his wife and racing partner.

There he met Elena, a police officer who worked with Hobbs. At the beginning, when he helps Hobbs while he is attacked by Deckard Shaw in his office at the police. The looks and the attraction were not present in the scenes between Elena and Toretto. Dominic Toretto tries to convince Letty that she is part of the good guys. His friendship with Toretto and his team began in Rio, when he allied himself with the coup against Reyes. If you have only seen the fifth film, I invite you to see the sixth and seventh so that you understand Hobbs.

When the chase seemed to be over, the car Han was driving is brutally rammed by a truck, which explodes. We all thought at first that it had been a coincidence, but no. Turns out Deckard Shaw was behind the wheel of the truck, and before Han’s car blew up, he threw a silver cross similar to Toretto’s.

What Deckard wanted was to avenge the way his brother Owen Shaw was left in the previous films. In the seventh film, Deckard became the prey of Toretto, Hobbs and their team. His goal was to kill everyone who was part of the operation that left Owen Shaw in a coma.

He first attacked Hobbs in his office. He then placed an explosive device in the house where Brian lived with his wife Mia and their son. Finally, Deckard is imprisoned by Hobbs, and although they were enemies, in the new film they become partners.

Deckard Shaw right made his appearance in Reto Tokyo and in the seventh film. Toretto’s team’s mission was to retrieve her so she could give them the location of the eye. That is why the terrorists wanted their services, by hook or by crook. Finally, he helps destroy the enemies and capture Deckard, staying as Tej’s partner and future partner, or so it seems. The links between Toretto with his enemies and his new role, the development of Brian’s story as a father, and the bond between the hackers, can lead to a new installment.

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