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Gualberto’s departure took away my happiness, admits Felicia Garza

Felipe Gil, also known by his nickname El Charro, was a Mexican singer and songwriter from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. He was born in Misantla, Veracruz, in , in a family of musicians and studied the music of the area.

The composer of songs like “Hasta que Vuelvas”, “Yo Sin tu Amor” and “La Felicidad”, which won the OTI Festival in , apologized to his.

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Mexican vocalist and songwriter. Born in San Antonio, Texas, USA Known as Fabricio from , Felipe Gil , (as a man); Felicia Garza.

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Felipe Gil: successful presence on radio, television and cinema

The greatest success of the Mtro. Other outstanding songs of his inspiration are Ana del aire, with music by Mario Arturo Ramos; When the moon rises and tell me why.

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But his voice was also sometimes a source of anxiety because it was the one that carried the political news of the dark twelve years of government of Joaquín Balaguer. It was the best male performance of that year. Hero or villain, executioner or people, Adonis or monster, Bli was a familiar figure in films such as Pantaleón y las visitadoras, directed by Vargas Llosa, and in all the dramas broadcast on radio and television since the 1960s.

He was the creator of La Imagen Nacional sponsored by E. León Jimenes presenting the natural beauties of the country and, although many ignore it, it was the convincing word that promoted almost all consumer products on Dominican stations, which is why the renowned publicist Damaris Defilló said that there were three frequencies here: AM, FM and FG Felipe Gil.

He reached the first year of high school. It was introduced by Fernando Casado who had marked influences on his subsequent performance in electronic media. In a work he made up to six different characters. He was good looking and had a very particular voice. He was a pretty little boy. Felipe’s record is immense. He made of Robespierre in Process to history and for eighteen years he worked in E.

León Jimenes as Media Manager. He resigned in but returned in January as director of programming for Raíces, the Fundación E. Leon Jimenes. Bli has married twice. The current wife is also his partner in the program Today can be a great day.