Female And Male Hamster

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How to know if a hamster is male or female? ; elongated and pointed ass; Two separate dots under tail: penis and anus · No visible nipples; Ass.

How to tell if a hamster is male or female. First of all, you must put the animal on its back to observe its belly and its apparatus.

In summary, to recognize if a hamster is male or female we will check the perianal area, located under the tail, and we will check the distance.

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You must examine its abdomen well to determine the sex of your hamster. You can look for the existence or not of nipples and also look below.

hamster care. better one or two? Forbidden food. races.

If the size option does not clarify it for you, to know if a hamster is male or female, look at its back: males have it elongated and.

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Russian hamster Phodopus sungorus. At maturity does not exceed 50 grams. This rodent is ideal for those who want to start in this fascinating world. Here I leave you an idea. Their weight does not generally exceed grams. What you should know about hygienic beds. They are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and could catch a cold or suffer from heat stroke. Daily tasks Check that there is no lack of food and water in the drinker.

If you see that the water level does not drop, you need to touch the tip of the drinker in case the ball that gives way to the water has become clogged. Always opt for quality products. Some forbidden foods. Never give him lettuce or green leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard or spinach; they are very bad for your digestive system and can cause serious problems. Processed and salty products such as chips, Risketos, panchitos or Doritos are also not good for them.

Keeping them company can cause stress that almost always ends in a fatal outcome, except in very established couples who have grown up together. If my arguments have not served you and you want to continue maintaining a couple, I recommend a male and a female. Remember that at fanmascotas we encourage adoption and responsible breeding. Data on its reproduction The gestation period is approximately 20 days. The mother cleans and pampers them but if she is disturbed she can eat them like Chronos her children.

Lactation lasts between 18 to 21 days.. Interact with your pet when he is awake. Once in your hand, do not catch it, it may believe that you are going to hurt it and it could bite you to defend itself. Share this:.