Feng Shui 2022

Windows And Feng Shui For 2022

Take note and get ready to receive the year according to Feng Shui, it’s time to be positive and attract the magic of the universe. Clarification: The.

Discover the principles that guide Feng Shui Decoration at home, be it the bedroom, the kitchen, etc., or in the office and work spaces.

Windows and Feng Shui for Posted: Have you ever stopped to think that windows are the eyes of a house?? Looking for information for this.

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Windows and Feng Shui for

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Windows are the eyes of your home!

Decoration Feng Shui Decoration at Home for Discover the principles that guide Feng Shui Decoration at home, be it the bedroom, the kitchen, etc. That is why I am going to dedicate today’s post to this oriental discipline that proposes living in harmony, activating the positive energy that is around us, in this case through the distribution of our furniture.

To achieve this we must not ignore any optical trick used in decoration. Strategically placed fabrics, furniture and accessories or even rugs or paintings. Furniture made of natural materials Keep computers, televisions and other electrical devices such as alarm clocks or radios away from the bedroom.

Bet, however, on wood and natural fabrics such as wool, cotton or linen and on quality furniture avoiding synthetic materials. Ruthlessly pull and clear the walls and the area around the bed.

The importance of light and color in a bedroom with Feng Shui decoration Forget too bright lights oriented on the bed and bet on sufficient and indirect lighting, which highlights the points you want to accentuate. As for color, Feng Shui advocates blue, a color that protects dreams; for the peach and the relaxing beiges and for the palette of pinks, reassuring and creative at the same time.

The best views, the best location The bedroom should be located in a cool and ventilated area to enjoy the summer. And also harmony abroad No more sleeping between four walls when the good weather is with us. Many of the Feng Shui tips come together in this trend: natural materials, free-flowing energy, light colours, quality fabrics… Kitchens with Feng Shui Decoration The first thing we must bear in mind is that there are two fundamental elements in the kitchen : water and fire.

Both symbolize the vitality and creativity of the inhabitants of the house, we are facing a very important stay. The elements for cooking fire, oven, microwave must be grouped on one side and those for cold water, dishwasher, washing machine on the other. But always separated, for example, by a table. We will never place the kitchen in front of the refrigerator or the sink.

The Feng Shui distribution and decoration of our kitchen can protect us from negative energy, especially activating the positive. For something this art considers that family health is represented in this room. If so, you should always keep the door closed.

It should also not be located near the bathroom to avoid energy shocks. The refrigerator always full to improve feng shui in the kitchen Essential to have good feng shui in the kitchen is to have the refrigerator well stocked with food at any time and any day of the week. And it is that the refrigerator is like the urn full of rice that the Chinese traditionally placed in the kitchen to ensure that they would never lack food.

In terms of materials, wood is a very good companion. Nor have hanging saucepans or pans. Discover these and other feng shui keys for offices and workspaces with which to improve the state of your business and activate its growth. The colors or how to find the balance The feng shui decoration seeks the balance between yin and yang, opposite elements, through which we will achieve harmony in an office.

Yang energy brings creativity and comes from the hand of light, cheerful colors, fresh plants. Compared to heating and air conditioning, fresh air and natural sunlight become the best allies of natural energy.

An image of a green field also produces this effect. Chaos should not take over our table when it comes to feng shui at work: if our papers pile up, we will place them on the sides; never in front. If we intend to hang our titles on the walls, we will do it on the left.

Avoid if possible placing tables near faxes or photocopiers. Also Feng Shui in business advises against low ceilings, ugly views, facing tables or at the end of a corridor. We can neutralize the harmful effects with the help of live plants, improving the lighting, with colored curtains or painting the walls white or yellow.

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