Fifth Chapter Aa

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Many people turn away from A.TO., of the Twelve Steps and of recovery, for starting with Chapter 5. We believe that "The Doctor’s Opinion" (pages.

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5. We admit to God, to ourselves, and to another. human being, the exact nature of our flaws. 6. We were entirely willing to give up.

International 24 Hour Movement of Alcoholics Anonymous

Chapter Five. In the fall of , when Bill was in Towns Hospital for the first time, the affliction of alcoholism usually.


Virgil A. A small emotional problem led me to that first drink and I fell again defeated. I was under the influence of alcohol for five months. Every night before I went to bed I implored my God to keep me from that first drink the next day. But there came a day when God, as I conceive him, heard my prayers. In those days of torture, I met a young man – now a good friend and companion of A. He told me about a group of ex-drunks who got together to stay clean.

But I decided to visit them. I can never forget that night. I entered full of complexes, grudges, fear. I was very nervous. I thought they would recriminate me for the faults I had committed. I felt better, because at that exact moment I realized that I was not alone and that this group of A. That same night, for my own good, I humbly and honestly admitted to being an alcoholic. Since then I have remained without drinking from day to day, always carrying in my mind, at every step I take, the fact that I am a sick alcoholic and that I know the solution to my problem: God and Alcoholics Anonymous.

did not admit defeat. I promised my family to stay sober and explained my purpose. I was able to stay without drinking for four months, but one day, alone, feeling unhappy about my monotonous life running away from alcohol, I decided to go into a bar in search of company. I had no intention of drinking. I’m a man. I ordered a beer.

I was able to control myself, and after the third I left. nothing had happened. I was feeling happy. I ended the week without drinking, but the following Sunday I ended up in the same place. There was no other thing in my mind than that bar. This second time I got a little drunk, but I got home safely.

I was playing with fire, and I didn’t know it. I continued to drink and my brother forced me to leave his house, because I created problems for him. I decided to live alone. Didn’t work either. My wife tried to help me as much as she could, but she couldn’t do anything for me. I didn’t drink for a while out of fear, but this gradually disappeared, I forgot that sad experience and drank again.

May I could handle a lot of drinking 2 When I attended A. I knew that alcohol was destroying my life and that of those around me, but I could not free myself from the power it had over me. I had tried everything within my reach: religion, medicine, spiritualism, home remedies, and everything, everything, was ineffective, even the advice of my mother and my wife.

When I started drinking, I did it like any social drinker, although I noticed a greater resistance to drinking than people who drank with me. That made me feel good about that itch of an inexperienced boy who didn’t know the risk he had to run with drink. At that time it was said that if you didn’t drink you weren’t a man. Of course, today I see it differently.

As time went by, drinking began to play an important role on weekends. Social started on Fridays and ended on Sunday. This was where the trouble started in my life. Alcohol was already taking a prominent place in my daily routine. But I ended up exhausted, without the slightest hope of being able to reject it. Helpless, desperate, I found Alcoholics Anonymous. Before a group of men and women I humbly and honestly admitted that I am an alcoholic. It is not a degradation to admit to being an alcoholic: medical science has recognized that alcoholism is an incurable, progressive and fatal disease.

But in the case of the alcoholic, admitting defeat puts you on the path to success, the path to a new life. From the first night in A. Alcohol itself, an accomplice at the beginning of the activity, which allowed us to survive a world that we felt hostile and in which deep down we never felt integrated, which anesthetized for so long the fear, resentments, feelings of guilt, loneliness, has become an implacable enemy before whom it is impossible to flee.

In a brief and ephemeral moment of consciousness, sometimes unexpectedly, we discover in all its magnitude the hell that our life has become. And in these conditions, on the steps of madness and death, plunged into despair, we ask for help.

We consider ourselves lucky beings. Because we only had one chance, that one; because we were fortunate to find the help of A. But it might not have been so: the phone line might have been dead, the doors of A. In short, we are extremely privileged.

Suffering threw us to A. International 24 Hour Movement of Alcoholics Anonymous May My arrival At the time the message of Alcoholics Anonymous was transmitted to me, there was no awareness that alcoholism was a disease. In these adverse conditions it was a true miracle that I received the message and was able to save my life.

Obviously I got it from another sick alcoholic, someone who knew what he was talking about. Of course I didn’t like it, because it mentioned things that I always rejected, fears, emotions that I always wanted to cover up, very big hatreds, very special. I couldn’t stand it. Well, I do know: I wanted to look good with him. that’s how i got there. I did not understand anything at all. Colleagues approached me. the eternal comedy. I came back two or three times.

If I have. I feel like I’m dying. You lack bottom… if you are an alcoholic. But I’m not going to tell you anything. I love you very much, I don’t want to lose your friendship. If you want to get there, you know where it is. No one can stop drinking for you. If you want to stop drinking, you have to take responsibility for your life. He didn’t tell me anything anymore, he didn’t believe me anymore. So I told her to go home. In the end he left, I took a taxi and arrived at the Hamburg Group of A. The normal meeting had already finished.

They generally lived as if in catacombs, hooded, as if they felt ashamed of being a soldier in a group of A. When I went down, they started going up to make me aware. the nights are hell. Let them say what they want, because I’m feeling fine. Thank God, since that moment, and this is some 24 hours ago, I have not taken that first drink to my mouth again.

the world changed. And this wonderful adventure began. May Evocation of anniversaries and 3 The first anniversary arrived. With everything and everything, hundreds of new voices strengthened the hope, anticipation of faith, of a world of thriving, joyful life, such as the 24-Hour International Movement of Alcoholics Anonymous today. May Evocation of anniversaries 2 We were getting ready with great excitement for the preparations for our first anniversary. The Social Security Reform theater had been obtained for this celebration, which for the unknown world of anonymous alcoholics of that time already constituted an event.

With stammering and timid steps, they went to the national press, so that the first notes inviting the celebration would be published. Each line dedicated by our journalist friends was the object of verbal celebrations not exempt from self-centeredness and feelings of importance, attitudes all corresponding to our childhood in recovery.

Despite this, and transported to the moment in which we lived it, our next celebration was the beginning of an entire awakening that time has been in charge of confirming every 24 hours. In these services there is always the risk of filling us with self-centeredness again, that the desire to be important confuses our reality and we take ourselves too seriously.

It is necessary to establish the difference between the seriousness of the service, for which there is no defeat, and taking seriously the demands of importance that our egocentrism tries to imbue us with, that goop that tarnishes everything and confuses everything. Its immediate antecedent was the therapy that was practiced in the marathons of the Hamburg Group.