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Lucila Justina Sarcínes Reyes (Lima, July 19, Ibid., October 31), better known as Lucha Reyes, was an Afro-Peruvian singer from.

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Lucha Reyes (Guadalajara, Jalisco, May 23, Mexico City, June 25) was a Mexican singer and actress. specialized in the genre.

Lucha Reyes made her life a melodrama and Ripstein her most tremendous film, based on the great singer’s existence on the edge.

The tragic death of Lucha Reyes, the queen of the ranchera song

Lucha Reyes had a life full of difficulties and suffering. Of very humble origin, he grew up with 15 other brothers.

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Her strange, strong and heterodox life caused her to be mythologized and sometimes forgotten. His voice, which was high pitched, became powerful and strong, and no one has been able to imitate it. Oblivion is always the place of rebels, and she was a woman who could fall in love and live differently from the conventional. There are many fights and situations; like the relationship with his mother, love failures and alcohol, but also broken joy when singing.

Lucha Reyes is known by locals and strangers alike as a sad, alcoholic, melancholic person with no desire to live. And actually it was but not always. It could have been someone else, but she injected passion into her veins, and from pure life she went to bad life. He began as an operetta singer, in a kind of improvised theater, very popular in Mexico during the first half of the 20th century when he was barely thirteen years old.

At the age of fourteen, he moved to the United States with the purpose of studying singing professionally. Pregnant, she lost her son and that caused her a trauma and, separated from her husband, she returned to Mexico. From the beginning of the greatest artistic glory for Lucha Reyes. She is the creator of a brave style that is still valid and many performers have adopted it in their musical career. Thousands and thousands of people came to the funeral.