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Fiona Victoria Gubelmann is an American actress. He has appeared in television series including CSI: NY, My Name is Earl, and Knight Rider, as well as films such as Employee of the Month and Downstream. She is best known for playing.

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Fiona Victoria Gubelmann (Santa Monica, California, March 30) is an American actress. He has appeared in television series including.

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Discover all the films and series of Fiona Gubelmann’s filmography. From its beginnings to its next projects.

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Discover the biography of Fiona Gubelmann, her first steps in the cinema and her entire career in figures.

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It appears this was the case during the September season premiere of The Good Doctor, which saw Dr. Reznick Fiona Gubelmann carrying a large medical history. Turns out it was just a character choice though. After all, Reznick and Park spent half the episode arguing over who would take a "boring" case and who would take over the case once Dr.

However, there were a few scenes where Morgan didn’t cover her torso at all and she looked as skinny as ever. They met at UCLA, where Fiona, once a medical student, auditioned for a play and realized she needed to follow her passion. The change also brought Fiona to her husband, who recently directed his first short film. Alex did not play Tyler: EMT Resnick vibrated, who unfortunately died from the virus that caused the quarantine.

He was the patient whose life-saving transplant was almost thwarted by the quarantine block. The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 p.m.