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Catch Up With The Best Netflix Movies Released In 2022

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Netflix Movies The Dark Daughter Netflix Throughout the past year, several Netflix movies had to speak for their quality. In a role that puts Colman under the skin of Leda Caruso, a literature professor at a major American university who takes a vacation in a corner of the Greek coast. This question is the axis of the eighth film as director of Adam McKay, a gift for his followers, who have become accustomed to his type of comedy.

However, it is always interesting to see figures like Lawrence, Streep, Cate Blanchett and Leonardo DiCaprio giving life to characters that border on caricature. But in this look, also produced by Bullock, his setting is no longer Yorkshire, in England, but the rainy city of Seattle, in the Northwest of the USA. However, the solidity of the cast manages to contrast this fact and make this a recommendable film.

The Power of the Dog The Power of the Dog Netflix At the beginning of her career as a feature film director, New Zealander Jane Campion took almost three years between films. But the coexistence worsens when George’s new wife, Rose Gordon Kirsten Dunst, goes to live at the ranch, whose presence displeases Phil.

Tick, tick… boom! An extensive curriculum to which he now adds the direction of Tick, tick… boom! The same one that had previously created Tick, tick… boom! Which is the basis of the musical that shows the somewhat fictionalized story of Larson, a twentysomething artist who seeks to make a name for himself on Broadway and who is played on screen by an outstanding Andrew Garfield.

Chiaroscuro Claroscuro Netflix After establishing herself in the world of acting in her native England and achieving the same in the rest of the world with her participation in films like Iron Man 3 and The Dark House, Rebecca Hall takes an important professional step by directing her first film: Chiaroscuro. The drama that brings to the screen the homonymous book by Nella Larsen, first published in , which shows the story of two childhood friends who are black, but may seem white because they are mixed, and how they face their racial identity.

Those who until now, like the rest of the African Americans who were part of that territory and its growth, have been made invisible by Hollywood. A reunion with their names and with a film genre that almost never disappoints its followers.

Army of Thieves Army of Thieves Netflix After Army of Thieves, now Netflix released Army of Thieves, which expands its world with a prequel centered on Ludwig Dieter, who here calls himself Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert, a safes expert.

Because of that knowledge, he joins a group of thieves for the first time, whose next great plan is to steal the first three boxes designed by the locksmith HansWagner, which are located in different cities in Europe: Paris, Prague and St.

Moritz; and whose owner is Brad Tanaka, the millionaire who triggered the action of the previous tape. At the same time that Interpol, headed by agent Delacroix who knows about the criminals and Hans Wagner, follows them closely, and the endearing Sebastian begins to fall in love with Gwendoline, one of the members of the gang, despite the fact that she be brad’s girlfriend.

The different ingredients of the entertaining film that, although it is part of the universe of The Army of the Dead, achieves its own identity, thanks to its rhythm, the charisma of its cast and the intricate and fascinating mechanism that hides a safe. That is why they decide to go to the family cabin by the sea for the weekend, to see if that getaway allows them to reconnect.

Although in reality the plans of both are different, since they intend to kill each other, but without the other knowing the true intentions. Collect a millionaire insurance with which they could get out of debt.

The Forgotten Battle The Forgotten Battle Netflix World War II and its combats have always inspired cinematography. However, the so-called Battle of the Scheldt Estuary had not been revived until today, with The Forgotten Battle. Guilty Guilty Netflix Three years ago, shortly after the premiere of the Danish film Guilt, it was announced that the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal and his producer Nine Stories bought the rights to this acclaimed film to make a remake.

Thus, while waiting to go to court to find out his fate in the police force, he receives a call from a woman who pretends to talk to her daughter to ask for help. Her name is Emily voice of Riley Keough and she would have been taken by force by her husband. Tales at Nightfall Tales at Nightfall Netflix Fantasy meets horror in this Netflix family film, which brings to the screen the novel of the same name by American J. White, having among his filmmaking team two key names in the recent world of film horror.

The popular German motorsports figure who comes to Netflix as the center of this documentary, which offers a journey through the career and life of the motorist. A bittersweet ending for a documentary made with family support, which becomes a tribute to the motorsports star who crossed the barriers of F1, reaching a popularity that even led him to be a character in the movie Cars: the sports car Michael SchumacherFerrari.

Kate Kate Netflix Although she was part of films like The Gemini Project and Birds of Prey in adrenaline roles, until now Mary Elizabeth Winstead had not played the main figure in an action movie. Something changes with this Netflix original feature film, directed by the Frenchman Cedric Nicolas-Troyan The Hunter and the Ice Princess, which takes the viewer on a violent journey set in Japan, where the American Kate works as a hit woman.

Although before she has a passionate date with a stranger, who offers her a glass of wine to which he added a dangerous chemical. A fact that marks his death sentence, since he only has one day to live. Inspired by the book What is life worth? A great filmic story that, despite the feelings on the surface in many parts of its narration, does not fall into melodrama, and with outstanding performances by Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan and Stanley Tucci. And whose universe is expanded with an anime-style film directed by Han Kwang Il and set 98 years before the De Rivia adventure, in , when the Kaer Morhen fortress is still powerful.

There the sorcerers of the School of the Wolf are formed, among which is a conceited young man named Vesemir, who in order to get riches, tracks down and destroys a monster that lurks in the forests of Ard Carraigh, the capital of the kingdom of Kaedwen.

Now Netflix adapts other of his successful novels, in a story with two stories that are narrated in parallel, but set in different times. The street of terror part 3 : The street of terror, part 3 Netflix Netflix’s successful horror trilogy, inspired by the young adult novels of R. Stine, come to an end. Thus, the film story La calle del terror part 3 goes from the drama, the psychological terror and the deaths of the events that occurred in the 17th century, towards a denouement full of action, some black humor and enough of the horror gore that is already displayed in the previous two films.

Kingdom: Northern Ashin Kingdom: Northern Ashin Throughout its two seasons, the Kingdom series surprised and captivated many with its mix of period drama and zombie horror. Now his story has a special chapter on Netlfix, focused on the mysterious character that closed his second season, which would be related to the evil that affected Joseon.

The Dragon in the Teapot The Dragon in the Teapot Netflix Another of the animated successes of Sony studios this year is this feature film, which has Jackie Chan among its producers. In fact, the master of martial arts in the cinema also gives the voice in Mandarin to one of the characters, Long, a pink dragon with soft fur, who lives inside a teapot and who fulfills the wishes of his masters.

But instead of requesting gold and riches as they do everything, Din wishes to meet again with Li Na, her childhood friend and whom she stopped seeing 10 years ago and from whom today social differences separate her, because she now lives a luxurious life. His story brings to the screen Two kisses for Maddy: a memoir of loss and love, a book in which Matt Logelin portrays what the first year of his life was like after the birth of his daughter and the death of his wife.

And that despite the bad omens. A true story presented here in a balanced mix of drama with comedy, including moments for which you have to have disposable tissues on hand. The foreigner is Jessica Amy Maghera, a London publicist who, after a fortuitous encounter, meets Prerna and the two connect immediately. Blue Miracle Blue Miracle Netflix Another true event inspires one of the new Netflix movies.

Among the places affected were Casa Hogar, an orphanage in Cabo San Lucas that took in needy children from the area. But thanks to the intervention of a businessman, the institution participated in a lucrative fishing championship that changed everything. To which is added a photograph that makes both the shots at sea and on land illuminate this story without fanfare and with a hopeful message, especially to see with the family.

Seaspiracy: Unsustainable Fishing Seaspiracy: Unsustainable Fishing Netflix The same producers of the documentary Cowspiracy make noise again with a new and controversial investigation. It is a journey that narrates in the first person and that starts in Taiji, a town in southern Japan where boats that would work for the marine entertainment industry – that of water parks with animal shows – kill dolphins in full view and for no reason. apparent.

A commitment to claustrophobia that is also the essence of Oxygen, a film by the French director Alexandre Aja. He does not remember his name or anything from his past and only an artificial intelligence that manages his environment warns him that he has a small reserve of oxygen left. Despite its few elements, the story manages to entertain and surprise, thanks to Aja’s management of tension and, especially, to Laurent’s performance, who bears all the weight of the story.

A feature film that mixes adventure and fiction, and whose setting is the future, specifically, when the Earth has been turning into an almost deserted place, with an almost unbreathable atmosphere, which is managed by the technology company UTS, the same one that has given the opportunity to a few to live on satellites with clean air and green pastures.

A group that does not hesitate to steal space debris from their colleagues and always argues with each other, but whose routine changes completely when they find a girl on one of the abandoned ships that they plan to sell as scrap. A small one that would be the dangerous robot-bomb called Dorothy Park Ye-rin that, after the initial surprise, they plan to sell for a millionaire sum.

One that occurred on November 17, when the police raided a party in the center of Mexico City and arrested the 42 men who participated in it, half dressed as women. But there was a name that disappeared from the list. A heterogeneous group in ages and occupations, which in an uninhibited ceremony welcomes its new member Evaristo Rivas Emiliano Zurita, a young lawyer who has begun a relationship with De la Torre Alfonso Herrera after they met at work.

With a careful staging of the period, from which Carolina Costa’s photography knows how to make the most of it, the film also stands out for the good work of its cast, where Herrera stands out as the haughty one, but at the same time in love with De la Torre. Thanks to his innate command of the ball, at only 15 years of age he went to try out for the Santos club. The Mitchell family vs. With ingenuity, a frenetic rhythm and a thousand references to social networks, it manages to entertain boys and girls and also their parents.

Ideal to see the weekend with a very large package of popcorn, because it lasts almost two hours that, in any case, fly by. Unexpected Passenger Unexpected Passenger Netflix Survival is the word that characterizes Joe Penna’s work as a director. However, when it fell there, it began to carry the carbon monoxide extraction system, altering the oxygen levels available to the crew.

A serious modification to the ship’s life support system that puts the group on board in a critical situation, since the remaining oxygen can only sustain three people during the months that remain to reach Mars. Risky option, but captivating and moving, which is added to the remarkable level of its cast.

However, the chemical components of those rockets fell on the planet. A decision that causes him joy and fear at the same time and that allows him to meet an intelligent dog named Boy who becomes his companion in adventures. His name is Harp and, as the title of the film already reveals, he is part of the group of cowboys from Fletcher Street, north of Philadelphia, who ride and take care of their horses in the middle of the city, honoring the little widespread figure of the African-American cowboy.

But there is another key character in this story: Cole Caleb McLaughlin, Harp’s fifteen-year-old son who, after giving his mother repeated problems for his bad behavior, is taken by herself from Detroit to Philadelphia to live with his distant father.

But the winds of change begin to blow with the arrival of a new student, Lucy Alycia Pascual-Peña, and from the first moment she does not hide her opinions, becoming the target of mistreatment by the popular Mitchell Patrick Schwarzenegger. A fanzine named Moxie, despite being a term in disuse, and which becomes the first step for Rockport students to expose the discrimination they suffer on a daily basis, whether due to gender, race, sexual orientation or simply the way they what do they dress in.

Biggie: I got a story to tell Biggie: I got a story to tell Netflix Rapper Christopher Wallace was a great one, both literally and figuratively: he averaged almost 1. Hence all the nicknames he had: Biggie Smalls, Notorious B. He had a short but intense life -he was shot dead at the age of 24-, which is reviewed in this recommendable original Netflix documentary, subtitled I got a story to tell. And she is precisely one of those who decided to take advantage of others through her work as a tutor for the elderly.

With her company she takes care of elderly people, seeing that they are well and managing their assets. Under his guidance, Hanks becomes Jefferson Kyle Kidd, who, having fought for the Confederates in the Civil War, travels from town to town reading the news to its inhabitants. In one of those towns he finds a cart that was attacked and also its murdered owner.

And although the clouds of misfortune seem to darken the days of these women, the force that unifies their different personalities makes them withstand the ravages of life. Malcolm and Marie Malcolm and Marie Netflix After beating the cat with the HBO series Euphoria, the creative duo between director Sam Levinson and Emmy-winning actress Zendaya reunite, now in this black-and-white drama. which was filmed in the midst of a pandemic, between June and July, under strict health protocols.

Although recriminations and mutual disqualifications soon begin to emerge between the couple, which take up most of the footage and make this film somewhat repetitive, which, however, manages to hook thanks to its beautiful black and white photography and the humanity that Washington and Zendaya print their characters.

It does so through the story of Basil Brown Ralph Fiennes , a man who, on the verge of World War II, arrives at a large house in the middle of the Suffolk countryside, which belongs to Edith Pretty Carey Mulligan , who asks authorization to carry out archaeological excavations within your property. A simple, emotional and captivating look at the past. That night is the moment chosen by the criminal authorities for the transfer of half a dozen convicts, including a Romanian mafia boss.

This is done in a police truck, equipped with individual cells, which is escorted by a patrol car. But the trip begins to get complicated after a thick fog arises and visibility of the road is difficult and soon it becomes a real nightmare, especially after one of the police officers in charge goes out to investigate what happened to the patrol and discover that all its occupants who all died.

flames fire… How to do them?