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The Best Fitness Oatmeal Cookies

These OAT COOKIES are ideal fitness breakfast for our diets, personalized or not. Cookies are a very easy fitness recipe to make.

FITNESS® Sesame Cookies Delicious and salty cookies made with whole grain, low in calories and with an exquisite irrigation of.

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OAT COOKIES ▷ Breakfast with Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a widely used cereal in the world of fitness due to its great nutritional quality. Therefore, if we want to replace cereals.

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However, I am aware that we are all tempted by a snack from time to time. For example, the spongy texture of cooked flour gives us a certain sense of calm and well-being. The effect of texture on flavor perception and product palatability is well known to food manufacturers. I want you to avoid it because it is harmful, it throws your metabolism out of control and generates addiction.

Low-fat: I’ve already talked about this. The recommendation to substitute butter with healthy saturated fat for margarine that contains harmful artificial fats is one example. No thanks. Unfortunately it is difficult to find industrial snacks that are not harmful.

Make your own cookies with natural and healthy products. Don’t let the big companies cook for you. The entire process, from when you crave a cookie until you can eat it, takes less than 15 minutes, 10 of preparation and 5 in the oven. Shredded coconut: Only used to "coat" the cookies, if you like.

A small tablespoon of baking powder. I had no sweeteners at home and had to go down to a nearby starbucks to "stock up". a pinch of salt. Understanding by "pinch" the amount that fits between your thumb and index finger. Melt the butter, a few seconds in the microwave is enough. In a bowl put the almond flour, the protein, the baking powder and the melted butter.

In another container, beat the egg with Svetia or whatever you use to sweeten it a little. Now mix it all up and stir. Step 3 — Optional coconut bath We are almost there. If you like coconut, coat the cookies with a layer of grated coconut. My wife doesn’t like it very much, so we did half with coconut and half without.

Step 4 — Ready for the heat Place the cookies in a container lined with aluminum foil. Lightly butter the paper beforehand to prevent the cookies from sticking, and in the oven!! The result After minutes in the oven this is the result.