Flan With Maria Cookies

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How to make the Maria biscuit flan? If you feel like this delicious dessert, we will tell you step by step the recipe so that you can have a “yummy” sauce.

This Maria biscuit flan is a combination of few ingredients that is good. A few minutes in the microwave are enough to enjoy it.

For the flan: · 12 Maria cookies · ½ liter of whole milk · grams of sugar (½ cup) · 5 class L eggs (large) · For the liquid caramel.

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Maria cookies are a classic breakfast or snack. They are always accompanied by a good glass of milk, although with them.

Maria biscuit flan in a pan (4 ingredients and NO OVEN) – Anna Easy Recipes

EASY MARÍA BISCUITS FLAN, WITHOUT JELLY AND WITHOUT OVEN. This recipe, in addition to being made easily and quickly, is delicious, it is the ideal dessert.

Maria biscuit flan in a pan (4 ingredients and WITHOUT OVEN): presentation

With 4 ingredients, without oven or microwave and very easy to prepare. Put the eggs in a bowl and beat with a fork. Beat well with the arm mixer to integrate everything well. Pour the mixture into the mold. Put the mold inside a pan. Add water in the pan until it reaches about 3 centimeters. Cover the mold with some aluminum foil. And, cover the pan with a lid. Lower the heat when the water starts to boil and let it boil very slowly for 20 minutes. Take the flan off the heat.

Flip it over onto a plate and you’re ready to serve. Maria biscuit flan My advice to prepare this Maria biscuit flan in a pan: You can also use another type of biscuit. If you don’t have a mold with a hole like mine, you can use the mold you have.

Below I leave you a video in which I show you how you can cook a flan in other ways. No eggs, no oven Coffee flan Take a look at the following video recipe If you decide to prepare it in the oven, microwave or in the pot, I leave you this video where I tell you how to do it. You can watch this video on YouTube to be able to comment on it, like it or subscribe to my video recipe channel.

Individual Maria biscuit flan ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS