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Flower Nails 2022: Ideas And Designs

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Nails with simple flowers. There is something for all tastes, some quite simple, others more complex, some with many colors and.

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Flower nails are a trend because the truth is that this type of nail design has evolved a lot since in fact.

On top of them, draw circles with a pointer to form a flower and apply a different shade in the center. To achieve this delicate flower nail design, we recommend using an ultra-fine toothpick or brush: Start by applying a layer of pink, wait for it to dry and draw brown branches coming out from one end of the cuticle.

Then put a pink dot at the end of each ‘twig’ and on some apply white circles around it to make the floral pattern. Then, apply a brush of undissolved pink varnish on top and paint wavy details to form a rose with the white nail polish you used at the beginning.

To start, take red polish with a brush and draw a flower stain on the positions of the nail that you prefer. As a next step, put a black circle in the center and a yellow dot inside it, making sure that the edges are not defined. At the end, add dimension with watercolor strokes of black and white nail polish diluted in acetone.

Next, place a red dot in the center of each one, wait for it to dry and paint the petals with a pointer, dragging towards the center of the flower to create an elongated effect. With a pointer, draw a yellow circle in the center and, with a brush, trace the white varnish petals. Eye, the petals must reach the ends of the nail. Wait a few minutes, draw thin black lines in the center of each sheet and clean the surroundings with a cotton swab and acetone.