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Ten Things You May Not Know About Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis’ ex-girlfriend, actress Estelle Morgan, is her mother. Florence Elsie Ellis and Marnie Mae Ellis are her half-sisters.

In February she began dating actor Tom Ellis, whom she married on June 11, They have two daughters, Florence Elsie Ellis (June 25,.

Ellis was married to actress Tamzin Outhwaite from to On June 25, , gave birth to their first daughter, Florence Elsie.

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‘Lucifer’, a series by Tom Ellis, tells the story of the devil He is the father of 3 women: Nora Ellis, Florence Elsie and Marnie Mae.

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His mother is Marilyn Jean Hooper and his father is Christopher John Ellis. Tom has 3 daughters, Nora who was born in , Florence Elsie born in and Marnie.

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On the occasion of his 40th birthday, we collect ten curiosities about him. The history of our favorite devil with investigations. That is why Tom and his three sisters grew up learning to play musical instruments: first mastering the trumpet and then the horn. As we sing, however, we can hear her voice, there’s no arguing in her.

Morningstar at her wedding to Tamzin Outhwaite. There is a devil There are actors who look closely at the character they need to shape and there are those who do not know the character until they get the part. The actor was shocked by this when he read Deadline’s casting article on the subject. He didn’t go without information for long though, Gaiman, after learning that Ellis hadn’t read the source, personally sent him some Sandman and Lucifer comics. Ellis had only been with his colleague Tamzin Outhwaite EastEnders for six months and had already proposed to her, which he made unforgettable with fireworks, among other things.

Doesn’t seem to be just a Lucifer. Ellis has a list of famous people he’d like to meet, have lunch with, and brainstorm. This list includes former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle because they find them inspiring, but it also includes Stephen Fry and famous writer Roald Dahl because he’s a big fan of their books and Stephen Fry you can hear Fry in a Roald Dahl in an audiobook.

Coat of arms of my office Although most know him as the devil incarnate, the creator of our Lucifer also had several memorable episodes throughout his career in the world of series. recommended for amateurs. Related Posts:.

Tom Ellis; The most devilish ‘Lucifer’