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What vitamins am I missing if my hair falls out?? Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Provides shine. Smooth, voluminous and shiny hair requires good amounts of vitamin B9. This accelerates cell division, improves the absorption capacity of the scalp and allows the properties of aesthetic products to be better absorbed.

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Among the functions of folic acid in our body is to improve cell growth of tissues, by doing so, it stimulates hair follicles.

⇒ What vitamins am I missing if my hair falls out?? vitamins for hair growth?

In a completely clean container you must add ½ cup of your favorite shampoo along with 4 folic acid pills previously crushed.

What are the natural sources of folic acid?

Achieving that this is observed degraded and even usually causes the fall of it, for this reason it is of the utmost importance to obtain a good diet when making diets, it is necessary to know what are the elements that must be obtained in the diet. Without forgetting the contribution of adequate hydration, not only for the hair but for the rest of the body. As a consequence, the use of vitamins for the hair should be resorted to so that the hair obtains a natural and effective option and so that it obtains as a result a recovery of its health.

It should be remembered that the beauty of the hair starts from the inside, so to keep it strong, soft and shiny, you must ingest the nutrients, which can be found in hair-strengthening vitamins designed to prevent hair loss. The Decrease of vitamins can Generate Alopecia It is quite true that when obtaining a lack of vitamins in the body it can be generated or it can be the main cause of hair loss vitamins. Although, this has a positive side since this type of alopecia caused by a lack of vitamins can be reversed in a short period of time just by obtaining a balanced diet or with the consumption of vitamin supplements.

Although alopecia is usually caused by different factors such as genetics, hormonal, fungal infestations, among others. The vitamins found in group B are necessary to provide great health in hair, skin and nails.

These vitamins for hair and nails improve cell regeneration, which help in metabolic function to take advantage of the nutrients we eat. At the same time, it improves blood circulation, providing an ideal formation of cells, resulting in an improvement of the skin, the birth of new hair and tissues, while providing protein synthesis and influencing the hormonal system.

Many vitamins that form group B are known because they are widely mentioned in foods that are enriched or in products that include vitamins for women’s hair. Next, it is indicated where you can find natural vitamins for the hair and the function for the organism: Vitamin B1 Thiamine or Anti-stress vitamin Thiamine manages to transform carbohydrates into energy, resulting in the eradication of hair loss, which it achieves promoting the growth of this.

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Riboflavin intervenes in the process in which cell regeneration occurs, in the stimulation of the skin and in the growth of hair and nails. The lack of vitality and shine in the hair, the peeling of the nails or not having luminosity in the skin is due to the lack of this vitamin because it can be found in foods that are rich in protein. It is a component widely found in anti-aging cosmetic products, since it has an action influenced by the dilation of blood vessels and capillaries, helping to improve the appearance of the skin and the circulation of the scalp.

It also offers stimulation in hair growth, eradicating the probability of hair loss. Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine It is the ingredient responsible for the development of red blood cells that facilitates the transport of oxygen through the blood and also generates the nourishment of the hair follicles. It also offers a great and very active fight against seborrhea.

It is found in the following foods: oily fish, eggs, legumes and avocados. Vitamin B7 Biotin It is the vitamin of beauty and is also known as vitamin H, being one of the most important if you want to achieve great health in the hair and scalp.

The consumption of biotin manages to restore the capillaries. Meanwhile, it provides ideal hair growth, so it strengthens, leaving aside the appearance of weakness and brittleness, managing to stop hair loss.

A large amount of vitamin B9 offers a great shine to the hair that improves hair loss, thus eradicating the possible appearance of premature gray hair. Vitamin B12 Cobalamin It is a component that provides food to the cells found in the body, in the same way the hair follicles.

It is necessary to provide hair growth and keep it in its original color. In this way it manages to strengthen the hair eradicating the appearance of split ends, avoiding breakage, tangles and frizz and if this were not enough it also offers great protection from heat and even dandruff.

Vitamin A for hair Vitamin A is perfect for offering a tremendous improvement in hair shine and eradicating hair loss by stimulating the development of the sebum that covers the follicle, improving its texture and eradicating the probability that become brittle. Offers the strengthening of weak hair. Eradicates the probability of the appearance of premature gray hair. The use of vitamins offers a great absorption and at the same time a good assimilation of the components of these medicines.

It should be known that when using a vitamin supplement, the substitution of a balanced diet does not begin, on the contrary, said diet is necessary to achieve a healthy state of life. Sebum lost by constant washing should be replaced, avoiding vigorous brushing and reducing the tension caused by heavy combing techniques that can stress the follicles and cause hair damage.

It is recommended to perform massages on the scalp, achieving a greater stimulation of the circulation, this is very good to generate an increase in said circulation, achieving that the nutrients in the hair follicles generate a healthy growth of this. rate this content.

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