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Tattoos On The Feet: Ideas And Care

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Tattoos placed on the feet are an increasingly popular option for people who want some form of permanent body art.

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What design can you think of to tattoo on your foot? The tattoos on the feet are very nice, but when choosing, you should consider some aspects that.

Images of TATTOOS ¡Tattoos for women on the Feet!

To find that beautiful tattoo design for women, here are several beautiful foot tattoos so you can get ideas.

Catalog of tattoos for women on the feet

But for that we must have a rough idea of ​​what we are looking for. Therefore, size is one of the elements to take into account when we are looking for designs that can fit us. We can also get a small tattoo on the sole of the foot. Next, we leave you a design that is sure to evoke memories of your childhood. Remember that a tattoo must be personal and it is important that there is a link between what we want to tattoo and ourselves.

It should be noted that by getting the tattoo on the sole of the foot, we will not see the tattoo as often as in other areas. Once that period has elapsed, you can’t worry about it either. You should continue moisturizing the tattoo as you would the rest of your skin. Therefore, if you go to the beach or sunbathe, you should apply high protection sunscreen. Tattoos aren’t exactly cheap, so wash and cream sparingly to avoid going overboard.

Care for tattoos on the instep It is essential that during the first two weeks at least the tattooed skin does not rub against anything. This will condition the footwear a lot, so it is usually recommended that you wear sandals. Normally it is advised not to wash excessively, but it is important to lather the area from time to time so that the tattoo does not get infected. Moisturize the tattoo regularly, but avoid excess cream. It should be noted that the ointment we recommend is for black tattoos.

Sometimes, if our tattoo is colored ink, it is necessary to buy a specific cream. But not always, so consult your tattoo artist to know what to do. Photos of tattoos on the foot Next, we leave you a series of photos of tattoos on the foot with different designs. Some of these designs may even inspire you to create your own design for your tattoo.