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Nine Cult Movies To Understand The Passion For Cars

If you are a racing lover and watch every Grand Prix, you need to watch these F1 movies. From Rush to Grand Prix.

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‘Ferrari: race to immortality’ // It is a raw film, which reflects the most dramatic years of F1, the fifties, and the fragility of.

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The coronavirus has left us without F1 races but with all the time in the world to enjoy (always at home) the best movies.

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The best series and movies about Formula 1; Grand Prix Warner Bros. Ksubscribers; Formula 1: Drive to Survive Netflix. M.

Formula 1: The Best Series and Movies to watch in Streaming

The best car racing movies in history to take off the Formula 1 monkey Winning. The racing story of Paul Newman .

Watch the trailer for ‘Rucker’: The horror film starring Slipknot’s Corey Taylor

And within this genre as extensive as it is interesting, one stands out that leaves multimillion-dollar profits to all those involved: Formula 1. Over the years, Formula 1 has been a championship full of drama, moments of triumph and tragedy. Many have tried to capture the magic of F1 on the big screen, but only a select few have managed to truly immortalize what makes the series so special.

It’s a season that seems to have been written especially for Hollywood, as it includes a bitter rivalry between the thoughtful Lauda and the flamboyant Hunt. If we add to this the extraordinary return of the Austrian after an accident that could end his career, we have a plot that seems too good to be true. Perfect for a big budget movie. Available on Netflix.

This docuseries gives viewers exclusive and intimate access to the team from one of the world’s biggest competitions. There is also a battle for the heart, soul and direction of the multi-billion dollar business.

Stories include changes to a team after a change of ownership and the pressure to outperform other drivers. Senna There aren’t many sports documentaries that win a BAFTA, but there aren’t many sports documentaries as powerful and emotional as this feature film by Follow his progression from karting, through his poisonous rivalry with Alain Prost, to his untimely death at Imola in He also summarizes perfectly the magic of F1 during this period, which is still considered by many fans to be a truly golden age.

Available on Clarovideo and Apple TV. Fernando Docuserie that shows an intimate portrait of the two-time Formula 1 world champion, the Spanish Fernando Alonso. Available on Amazon Prime Video. Grand Prix The first Formula 1 movie continues to stand the test of time. The plot largely revolves around the wives and girlfriends of the quartet who, week after week, have to deal with the possibility that their partner will die in a Grand Prix. Keep reading.

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