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Fox Comp 8 Motocross Boots (2022)

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Test: Fox Silicone Buckle Motocross Boots

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Product description

After trying the Fox V3 helmet, I was also lucky enough to put on the new Fox boots, and the truth is that I had a great time with them. New range of Fox motocross boots: Elegance and protection If I had to briefly describe the range of boots, I would simply say that it is the little sister of the Fox Instinct, the high-end boot from Fox. You will find the same comfort and the same flexibility from the first laps.

An important aspect in any boot is ankle support. In motocross, avoiding malleolus sprains or fractures is vital, and Fox knows it. We also find reinforcements at the height of the toes, different between the right and left foot, to adapt perfectly to the change.

In terms of style, nothing else could be expected from Fox, the undisputed leader in motocross trends and colors for many years. This is a message to my family: “if you ever want to surprise me, I really like the red pair”.

The surprising silicone buckle This Fox has three closure rings, two conventional closures and a main silicone closure, the first one, above all, very innovative. The does not have a flexing system in the ankle, but it is no less flexible for that. The Duratac is a sole developed for the Instinct boot. Now, Fox offers it for this model. Personally, it was the first time I had put my feet in a pair of Fox boots.

But I can attest to the resistance of the sole, since my brother has been riding with an Instinct for three years. We do not always think about it, but there is the possibility of changing the sole of some boots. I repeat myself a bit, because I already talked about it in a previous article, but it seems important to remember: Some soles can be changed at home, while others require the intervention of an after-sales service.

Resistant rubber to reinforce the Fox Olvidad in old school leather, which does not withstand pressure jet washing and tends to dry out over time. In this interior, everything would be positive points, if it were not for how quickly it ages. I use the bike a lot, maybe too much, in view of all the marks I have on my frame and, after a few uses, the inside of the black bike was already beginning to whiten.

It is not a problem exclusive to this boot, the same thing happens to me with other brands when the boot is black. I already mentioned it in a previous article, to prevent it from being too visible, a touch of wax is not too much either, because if it does not slip… it reduces white marks and contributes to the maintenance of the boots. You can’t be perfect in everything… Summarizing everything I’ve said in the article: it’s a great product. If I had to cite a negative aspect of the Fox boots, it would be the smell after washing them.

They are highly waterproof, which is a positive point for sessions in the rain, but it is a problem when it comes to washing the inside of the boots with a pressurized jet. When dry, they give off a strong foot odor.

Buy a deodorizing spray for shoes I have not tried it, so I cannot assure you that it works. Or, if not, you can try the grandmother’s trick that I have stayed with: put a little baking soda in the bottom of the boots. This was the case with the Instinct boots, and the same happens with the Fox range. For my part, I wear a 44, and I had to order a 45 on 11, in USA sizing. It seems silly, but it should be remembered to avoid returns.